Is It Easy To Be A Child Prodigy

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Is It Easy To Be A Child Prodigy
Is It Easy To Be A Child Prodigy

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Prodigies are people whose talent was revealed in early childhood. They amaze others with their achievements, and then either achieve a world calling, or "die out" in obscurity. Improper upbringing leads to the fact that a child of genius from birth never finds his niche and either becomes "normal" or becomes seriously ill. Only a few manage to light the star of their destiny and remain in the sky of human glory forever.

Young musician
Young musician

Scientific opinion

Many scientists believe that geeks owe their early giftedness to high levels of hormones in the pituitary gland. These hormones affect the development of certain areas of the brain and contribute to early intellectual maturation. Biophysicists believe that geomagnetic waves that affect the fetus during pregnancy are to blame. If pregnancy occurs during a period of a certain ratio of magnetic waves, then this can lead to the birth of a child prodigy.

A distinction should be made between genius and the "prodigy effect." What is most striking in child prodigies is not the level of their intelligence, but the degree of development in relation to age. Parents and others admire the child's abilities, demonstrate his work and are surprised that at such an early age their child is making such progress. Meanwhile, the results of the work may not be so brilliant. Read the poems of young talents and think: are they so good, if you forget for a minute that they were written by children?

Becoming a prodigy

Geeks are ahead of their peers. They are successful in areas where life experience is not needed: poetry, mathematics, music, physics. Children very quickly overtake their peers and, "jumping" from class to class, find themselves among high school students. Preoccupied with themselves and their own talent, prodigies do not pay attention to their social status and turn into pariahs, lonely and unhappy people with a lack of communication.

We hear about geeks when they are at the zenith of their fame, that is, in childhood. We admire children of genius, others have a great future, and then forget about them for years. And only 20 years later we remember that there were once such children as Nika Turbina, Pavlik Potekhin, Ira Efimtseva. We begin to make inquiries and with horror we learn that the most successful of the geeks simply fell into oblivion and tried to adapt to life, and those who did not manage to adapt committed suicide or ended up in an insane asylum.

An assignment from God or a curse?

Both parents, teachers, and the child prodigy himself perceive extraordinary abilities as a kind of gift designed to solve a certain (but still vague) problem. Since a specific task has not been set, it is not yet necessary to complete it, but you need to study well, develop and prepare for future achievements. Years go by, the child prodigy grows up, and the task is not set for him. Growing up, the child prodigy turns from a wonderful child into an ordinary person, accustomed to a special attitude. Nobody wants to bother with an adult, and he, as an unlucky actor, simply has to "leave the stage" and go either into a normal life or into oblivion.

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