How To Give A Child The Father's Surname

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How To Give A Child The Father's Surname
How To Give A Child The Father's Surname

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From his parents, the child inherits not only a number of external and internal traits, but also a surname. However, in situations where dad and mom have different surnames, are in a civil marriage or do not maintain a relationship at all, the choice of a family name for a baby is fraught with a number of questions.

How to give a child the father's surname
How to give a child the father's surname


Step 1

Mom and Dad have different surnamesIf the parents, when marrying, each have their own surname, they have the right to choose any of them for the child. In this case, it is enough to indicate in the application for registration of the birth of a child, which is filled out in the registry office, which name, patronymic and surname you want to assign to the baby. Usually popes are very, very pleased with the fact that the successor of their family will bear the same surname with them.

Step 2

Parents are not officially married If you both wish, give the baby the father's surname when registering the child at the registry office. This is easily done even in the absence of a parental marriage certificate. Contrary to popular misconception, a father who is not officially married to the mother of his child does not need to adopt his own child. It is enough for a man to write a statement of acknowledgment of paternity, and for a woman to confirm that she has nothing against it. After that, the procedure for naming the child and obtaining a birth certificate is carried out in the usual manner.

Step 3

There is no more daddy The woman who divorced her husband or became widowed no earlier than 300 days before the birth of the child can give the child the surname of the father. In this case, the former (deceased) spouse is by default considered the father of the child, as long as this is not contested in court.

Step 4

It is impossible to contact the father. The father's surname can be given to the child only if the man agrees. The official recognition of paternity with the consequent assignment of a patronymic and surname means the emergence of family relations (father-child), which implies certain rights and obligations. It is impossible to do this against the will of the parent. If you insist that the man recognize the child, get it in court.

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