How To Know If A Boy Likes Me Or Not

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How To Know If A Boy Likes Me Or Not
How To Know If A Boy Likes Me Or Not

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As the saying goes, you can't be cute by force. No matter how much you try to bewitch the boy, he will not be yours if he himself does not come to this. Mutual sympathy often arises, it would seem, out of nowhere. Sometimes it grows out of mutual hostility. It also happens that people see each other every day, communicate, but do not feel any feelings for each other.

How to know if a boy likes me or not
How to know if a boy likes me or not


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You can find out whether there is this mutual sympathy between you or not by a number of signs. They are so individual that one hundred percent certainty in one case may just be cheating in another. One of these signs, perhaps the most difficult to understand and decipher, is a look. Eyes often betray us headlong, when we still subordinate everything else to our will. Watch how he looks at you and try to read that look. But be careful: what if he looks at you just because you yourself are staring at him all the time?

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The next sign is his attitude towards you. Here you need to proceed from how close you are already. Agree, it's one thing if you just study in the same class, another - if you have been friends for many years, but without a hint of romantic feelings. Attention will be shown on the part of a close friend and just a good acquaintance in different ways. People with different temperaments show attention in different ways. For example, a melancholic will sit for a long time, looking at you with all eyes and secretly composing poetry for you, but he will never think of opening the door for you. And vice versa, some cheerful, active young man, a kind of "shirt-guy", perhaps without deep feelings for you, will take care of you and sweep dust particles from your head - so, "for fun"

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The attention and sympathy of many boys, especially those who are still almost children, can manifest themselves in a somewhat distorted form, which is probably familiar to you. Trips, jolts, flip flops, pinches, sometimes even setting up and exposing the object of adoration to ridicule - this, unfortunately, also happens. You will think that he hates you, and at this time he is trying in all available ways to attract your attention to himself. Apparently, in his eyes, you are an impregnable fortress, and he still does not understand that a fortress, whose name is a woman, must be handled more carefully than with a fragile crystal vase.

Step 4

Sincere feelings and sincere affection at a more reasonable age begin to manifest in a different way. Take a closer look at how he treats you, even noticing some of your shortcomings: does he still write to you, call you, call you out for a walk. If he sees flaws in you, but at the same time does not turn away from you, then you have every reason to think that he really likes you. In addition, if he listens to your words, when you hint to him about some of his wrongdoings, and tries to correct himself, you can be doubly sure.

Step 5

Reason with a cool head. It is, of course, difficult, but sometimes you need to be able to control yourself. If you like a person, you can find (or come up with) a whole bunch of signs by which you say that he is crazy about you. Each of his glances, each word you will understand the way your loving soul wants it. Think with your head, because now your head can save your soul: if a person is indifferent to you, and you wind yourself up and convince yourself that the opposite is true, it will be much more painful for you to find out the truth. Maybe you will suffer for a long time, trying to get rid of this unrequited love.

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