How Can A Nursing Baby Be Transported?

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How Can A Nursing Baby Be Transported?
How Can A Nursing Baby Be Transported?

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Newborn children are the most vulnerable category of passengers. It is recommended to transport infants as little as possible by road or any other means of transport. This is due to the fact that a large mass fraction of the child's skeleton of a baby of this age is cartilaginous tissue. Compared to bone, it is more fragile. As a result, there is a high risk of death in serious accidents.

How can a nursing baby be transported?
How can a nursing baby be transported?

It is necessary

  • - baby car seat;
  • - safety belt;
  • - a cradle for transporting a child.


Step 1

The transport of a nursing infant in a car must ensure their maximum safety. Traffic rules stipulate that it is possible to transport children under the age of 12 years only if a special restraint device is used, that is, a child seat. Such an adaptation must necessarily correspond not only to age, but also to the body weight and height of the child.

Step 2

The transport of infants in a car can also be carried out using various means that allow you to secure the child with a seat belt. This restriction does not apply to children who can actually wear seat belts (taking into account height and weight values) without the need for special devices.

Step 3

The advantage of transporting children in a car using a carrycot is that the child is placed horizontally in this device. Such cradles can sometimes be sold together with baby strollers, but in this case it is necessary to pay attention to their reliability and durability, since the safety of the baby depends on the quality of this device. The negative aspect of the cradle is its overall dimensions. It should be noted that the movement of children in the cradle is most often carried out according to medical recommendations.

Step 4

Transporting an infant with a child car seat ensures maximum child safety. In such a device, the baby stays in safer conditions than during the period of being in the cradle. This is because the baby is in a reclining position. Such a device is fixed with ordinary belts or special brackets. The child is also secured with the inner straps of the car seat.

Step 5

Car seats must comply with international safety certifications. These devices are tested for impacts that can occur when vehicles collide or rollover. The fact that the car seat has passed certification is indicated by the presence of an orange sticker containing information on compliance with the quality standard, the approximate age for which this product is designed, and the manufacturer.

Step 6

Remember, you cannot save on the life and health of children. Therefore, it is best to adhere to the established transportation rules and try not to expose babies to long journeys (over 2 hours).

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