How Can An Infant Be Transported?

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How Can An Infant Be Transported?
How Can An Infant Be Transported?

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Carrying babies is a particular concern among parents for their babies. You cannot put them in a car seat yet, it is dangerous to carry them on your hands, the cradle from the stroller cannot be fixed in the car.

Transportation of children
Transportation of children


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To begin with, about what to do in no case: do not carry the child in the car in your arms. It may seem to you that this way the baby will feel comfortable and calm, he can be rocked and fed at any time. But the safety of the child in this matter is most important. In the event of an accident, it will be almost impossible to keep the baby in her arms, and any mother will not forgive herself if something happens to her child.

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An equally unsafe means of transporting small children will be regular stroller cradles. Removing the wheels from the stroller and placing the carrycot in the back seat of the car can be a convenient means of transportation for the child. But it is convenient only at first glance. Such a cradle is not attached to the car seat in any way, which means that in the event of an accident it will not create the necessary protection for the child. Such protection is especially necessary for an infant, because his bones and vertebrae are still too weak for heavy loads during impacts.

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A good means of transporting babies will be special cradles in transforming strollers. For them, there are special attachments for the seats in the car, so such a cradle can be removed from the stroller and rearranged in the form of a chair in the car. In this case, the child does not need to be woken up, shifted, fastened again with belts. He is already sleeping peacefully in his usual place. The negative side of such cradles is that they do not fix the child's body too tightly. In addition, in any transformer, some of the quality is lost in comparison with a highly specialized device. In addition, the cradle is fastened sideways in the direction of movement of the car, which also does not have a very good effect both on the movement of the baby and in the event of a possible collision.

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The best solution for the child's safety is purchasing a car seat. The categories of such a product are different - for any weight and height of a child from 0 to 12 years old. If you want to save money, you can buy a car seat right away for growth, up to senior school age. But here again the problem arises with all transformers for different purposes and ages: they are not as reliable as chairs designed exclusively for babies.

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Among the car seats there are models designed exclusively for babies, that is, they will serve a child up to a year, and after that you will not be able to fit the baby in it. These seats are installed against the direction of movement of the car for the greater safety of the child. The baby lies in them, the seat belts are fastened at five points: shoulders, stomach and between the legs. That is, it is impossible to swaddle a baby for transportation, you need to put on a suit or overalls.

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If you don’t want to spend money on a vehicle that will last so long, get a category 0 + / 1 seat. Up to 9-10 months, such a car seat works like any of the 0+ category, that is, it is installed against the direction of movement, the baby can lie in it or, after 6 months, be in a sitting position. Further, up to 4 years old, a seat of this category can be used as a normal child's seat, installed in the direction of movement of the car.

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