How To Relieve Ear Pain In A Child

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How To Relieve Ear Pain In A Child
How To Relieve Ear Pain In A Child

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Ear pain in a child may appear after bathing, if a foreign body gets in, but mainly at the onset of a cold. The eustachian tube in children is wide and short, so an infection in the nose or nasopharynx easily spreads to the middle ear cavity. Parents should always know what methods can be used to relieve a child's ear pain.

How to relieve ear pain in a child
How to relieve ear pain in a child

It is necessary

  • - Boric alcohol;
  • - cotton wool;
  • - compress paper or film;
  • - otipax or otinum;
  • - vasoconstrictor nasal drops.


Step 1

If you experience pain in the ears of children, consult a doctor and fully follow all his recommendations. A pediatrician or ENT will examine the child and prescribe treatment. Acute otitis media in most cases responds well to conservative antibiotic treatment with simultaneous treatment of the nasopharynx and the use of ear drops.

Step 2

Treat a child's runny nose as it is the main cause of childhood otitis media. Try not to bury your child with ear drops until a doctor's examination, so as not to "smear" the true picture of the disease. In addition, the baby's eardrum may be damaged, in which case the drops will fall into the middle ear cavity and may damage the auditory nerve. The doctor will determine the integrity of the eardrum.

Step 3

If prompt care is not available for any reason, try to reduce the pain the child is experiencing. Instill vasoconstrictor drops in the baby's nose - naphthyzine, nasivin, xylene. They reduce nasal discharge and improve the patency of the auditory tube.

Step 4

You can insert cotton swabs moistened with slightly warmed boric alcohol into the ears. If there is no purulent discharge, drip a few drops of otipax or otinum. They must be warmed up to 36 ° C. To do this, put the bottle in hot water for a few seconds, and then check the degree of heating by dropping the medicine on the inside of the elbow. Pull the pinna back and up as you apply the medicine to straighten the ear canal.

Step 5

Apply a warming compress to your child's ear to help relieve pain. Lubricate the skin around the ear with Vaseline oil, soak a cloth in warm vodka or boric alcohol, wring it out and place it around the auricle. It is convenient to use a napkin with a cut-out ear hole. Put a plastic wrap or special compress paper on top, then a layer of cotton wool and tape it to the head. Keep the compress on for one to two hours. It is advisable to carry out this procedure twice a day, until the pain disappears. You can give your child a pain reliever - paracetamol, ibufren in a child's dosage.

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