How To Wash A Newborn Girl

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How To Wash A Newborn Girl
How To Wash A Newborn Girl

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The birth of a girl is very joyful and very responsible. This is a tiny creature that cannot hold its head, and does not control its hands, it is scary to even take it in its hands. But the eyes are afraid, but the hands do it anyway. Newborn children, without exception, need special care, and there are peculiarities in caring for girls and boys, which is associated with the difference in the structure of their genitals. Improper washing of a girl can provoke inflammation, irritation of the mucous membrane, as well as fusion of the labia.

A newborn girl needs delicate handling
A newborn girl needs delicate handling

It is necessary

  • Cotton swabs
  • Baby oil
  • Water
  • Wet wipes
  • Dry towel


Step 1

During the first month, the girl is protected by maternal hormones, which maintain an acidic environment in her vagina. After that, the protective barrier disappears, as hormones no longer work, and disease-causing bacteria can easily enter the vagina. Washing is not just about keeping clean. This is disease prevention. It is necessary to wash a newborn girl every time when changing a diaper, bathing, swaddling. Mom's nails should be cut short, and hands should be washed with soap and water.

Step 2

The baby is undressed, the diaper is removed. If there is feces, they are cleaned with a damp cloth from front to back, and then washed off. Do not direct the jet onto the skin. This can provoke the flow of feces into the vagina. Put the girl on one hand, grasp the legs with a brush, take a cotton swab with the other hand and, having moistened in water, gently wipe the folds of honey first with the legs, take a new swab for each movement. In no case should you rub inside the genital slit, swipe the tampon once from above. All movements should be from front to back. After washing the baby's skin, you need to get wet, but do not wipe it off.

Step 3

The girl's lips should be handled very delicately. If the mucous membrane is regularly irritated, sponges may coalesce. This is not very scary, it just may cause some inconvenience in the future. Drying with soap should not be allowed. Use it no more than 1 time per week. The rest of the time, wash only with water. At the end of the procedure, lubricate the labia with cream or baby oil.

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