How To Encourage Your Child To Learn

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How To Encourage Your Child To Learn
How To Encourage Your Child To Learn

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It happens so that the child does not want to study, refuses to do homework, systematically gets bad grades. He does not at all reach for knowledge and does not try at all. What to do in this case?

How to encourage your child to learn
How to encourage your child to learn


Step 1

Find out the reasons for this behavior of the child. Talk to him, let him tell how he is doing at school, how he communicates with friends. Perhaps his reluctance to study is due to the fact that he does not develop relationships with classmates. Analyze your own behavior. Maybe you are overly controlling him? Remember that the force of action is equal to the force of reaction, and the more you force the child and use force, the more he will resist and not want to do anything.

Step 2

Praise your child more often for his successes, albeit very small. Instead of a punishment system (or at least in conjunction with it), use a reward system. For example, for each A you score, add 15 minutes to your walk time, or free your child from dishwashing or other household chores.

Step 3

Limit the time your child spends at the computer and in front of the TV. Install special educational programs on your computer so that you can access games and entertainment only after completing the exercises (for example, in English).

Step 4

Develop your child outside of school. Read aloud with him, go to the theater, to exhibitions, attend various cultural events. Discuss what you have read, seen and heard. Tell your child about the lives of outstanding people, about what they have achieved and at what cost they got it. Tell stories from your life, from the lives of relatives, friends and acquaintances.

Step 5

Check to see if your child does not fit the teaching system that teachers use at their school. Maybe he thinks in a completely different way, and he is considered mediocrity and a weak student. Study the information on how to present and present the educational material, try to explain to your child what they are going through in school in a slightly different way.

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