How To Quietly Excite A Girl

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How To Quietly Excite A Girl
How To Quietly Excite A Girl

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If you want to quietly arouse a girl and prepare her for sex so that she thinks she wants it herself, take on a few simple techniques. They will help her tune in a sexual mood and respond to the passionate impulse of her beloved man.

How to quietly excite a girl
How to quietly excite a girl


Step 1

Of course, you must already be in a close relationship with the girl in order to quietly turn her on. In order to subtly convince a girl to have sex with you, it is necessary that she be in a good mood and feel vigorous and rested. Women live with emotions, so the inner attitude is extremely necessary for them. There is no need to impose and try to put pressure on a girl, especially if she is clearly in a bad mood. She will not be able to abruptly switch and tune in to the sexual wave you need.

Step 2

You can arrange a surprise for your beloved. Organize a romantic evening, and for this you do not need to spend a lot of money at all, you just need to show a little imagination. Girls are very fond of all sorts of romantic things, even if they carefully hide it. Prepare light snacks and light candles - sometimes this is enough to set a woman in a romantic mood, and then a passionate night is just a stone's throw away.

Step 3

During a romantic dinner, try to listen to her all the time, even if you are completely uninterested in what she tells you. By the way, the talent of the listener is simply necessary for a man. During a conversation, constantly touch her, but do it as if by chance. During the conversation, try to talk only about her, let her become the center of attention for this evening. Don't forget to compliment her, just don't overdo it. Your praise should be welcome and meaningful. Women appreciate beautiful words and understanding, but frankly it is not worth faking, in addition to the fact that women love with their ears, they also have developed intuition, which can help to recognize your insincerity.

Step 4

At the end of the evening, do not rush to seize the initiative and offer the girl to have sex with you. She should not even have the thought that throughout the evening all you were thinking about how to lure her into bed. If today she is determined to continue the evening, then she will certainly let you know about it, especially since with your actions you have already pushed her a little towards this.

Step 5

Begin to gently caress her, only without rudeness: whisper tender words in her ear, touch her lightly and do not hold your hands on any one area of ​​her body. If the last time she was excited by your touch on her breasts, this does not mean that today it will be the same. Oddly enough, but most women have wandering erogenous zones and they depend on her mood. Gently walk on her back, neck, thighs, fingers, elbow bend, just do not push, let her get used to the idea that intimacy with you is inevitable today.

Step 6

If you caress her breasts, then try to do it gently. Never knead the mammary gland like dough, and do not pull it from side to side. Do not caress her nipples too persistently - this may cause her pain or not entirely pleasant sensations. Many men like to concentrate all their attention on the female breasts and nipples, starting to fiddle with these extremely sensitive bumps and aggressively kissing their partner's breasts with passion. Your task is to immerse the girl in a gentle languor and turn her into one large erogenous zone, and here the main thing is to act gently, but persistently.

Step 7

Do not think that if you love to orally caress your girlfriend, then this should certainly turn her on. Cunnilingus is a real art and not all men know how to do it so that a girl gets an orgasm. Oral sex should not be very long and monotonous.Of course, during cunnilingus, you do not need to interrupt all the time and ask a woman: "Are you good?" or "Do you like it?" These questions can make her laugh very much at the most crucial moment. It also looks very funny when a man tries to trace his partner's reaction on the face, all the time, raising his head and looking out between her legs.

Step 8

After the end of sex, do not fall asleep immediately and behave with the woman the same way as before. Be sure to continue to be affectionate, be sure to thank her. If you are spending the night together, do not fall asleep immediately after sex. Talk to her, stroke her, kiss her.

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