How To Know If A Girl Has Finished

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How To Know If A Girl Has Finished
How To Know If A Girl Has Finished

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The delicate question of how to find out whether a girl has finished or just faked an orgasm arises as a result of personal mistrust of the partner or the partner's incompetence in the field of sexual relations. Some secrets of intimacy can be used to distinguish genuine sensations from skillful play.

The mystery of the female body
The mystery of the female body

How to make sure a girl has finished

In order for a man to be confident in his girlfriend, he should learn about the intricacies of female physiology, the anatomical structure of the genitals, and delve into the secrets of the psychology of relationships between the sexes.

From a medical point of view, the onset of orgasm causes some short-term changes in the woman's body that stimulate the autonomic nervous system, which are distinguished by pronounced symptoms.

External signs of a female orgasm:

- intermittent and deep breathing;

- redness of the cheeks and lips, as a result of a sharp rush of blood into the brain area;

- convulsive movements with stretching of the body, occurring due to the wave-like impulses of orgasm;

- an emotional outburst under the influence of the release of endorphin (the hormone of happiness) into the bloodstream can cause a woman to laugh or tears of joy.

The behavior of a girl during orgasm changes in accordance with individual psychological characteristics. An important factor for intimacy and reaching the highest point of pleasure is trust in a partner, the ability to relax and relax as much as possible.

What does a man feel if a girl has finished

During orgasm, the vaginal mucosa is impulsively and repeatedly compressed, which contributes to the stimulation of ejaculation and mutual pleasure of partners.

A man will certainly feel changes in muscle tone and increased vaginal secretion preceding orgasm.

On the front inner surface of the vagina there is a small tubercle, which is abundantly penetrated by nerve endings.

Before the onset of orgasm, this supersensitive point swells, hardens and increases in size, the partner feels it on palpation and during intercourse. In rare cases, the bump, or G-spot, secretes fluid, which accumulates and exits through the urinary tract. As a result, the woman experiences the strongest orgasm.

Sex therapists argue that sufficient stimulation of the G-spot can bring indescribable pleasure to a woman, and to a man - emotional and psychological satisfaction.

You can find out whether a girl has finished based on personal experience, but it is better to first study the numerous information sources that reveal in detail the intimate issues of interpersonal relationships.

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