How To Understand By His Eyes

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How To Understand By His Eyes
How To Understand By His Eyes

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Often, when communicating with a man, you really want to know what he thinks about, what he wants to say, but for some reason is silent, whether he plays with you, or he really likes you, etc. Yes, in a conversation there are a lot of unspoken questions, opinions, incomprehensible hints and mysterious views. And here, pay attention to the look. After all, he can talk about the interlocutor before he begins to commit any actions in relation to you. In this case, we will focus on the male look.

How to understand by his eyes
How to understand by his eyes


Step 1

Fluency of sight.

If a man looks at you abruptly, tries to turn away or lower his eyes to the floor, then this may mean that he is a little shy of you, embarrassed to be with you, does not know what to say - in a word, he likes you. But a sharp look can speak not only about this. It is possible that a slightly uncertain and superficial gaze speaks of a man's frivolous intentions towards you. He just doesn't need to look at you too often and hold his gaze on you for a long time.

Step 2

Sullen glance.

Such eyes may indicate that a man is unkindly disposed, that he is angry with you for something, and that you may be annoying him with your behavior or communication. With this look, try to soften the situation by changing the topic, or it is better to end the conversation so as not to provoke a conflict.

Step 3

Accentuated look.

Pay attention to where the man is most likely looking. If his gaze lingers for a long time on your eyes, face, hair, hands, then such a man certainly likes you. If he constantly focuses on his legs, chest, then, most likely, he likes your figure, and not you.

Step 4

Thoughtful look.

If a man, while communicating with you, constantly looks at one point, and, moreover, does this quite often, then this indicates that the person's thoughts are somewhere else, but not with you. Often this can still be accompanied by inattention, unreasonable forgetfulness and stupid confusion.

Step 5

Smiling look.

When a man begins to smile at the sight of you, and his eyes smile with him, then it is quite possible that he is in the mood for flirting, and communication with you brings him a pleasure.

Step 6


Psychologists say that the pupils of a person's eyes are the most important indicator of temperament. The wider the pupil, the more relaxed the man is at the moment, calm and benevolent. If the pupil is often constricted, it means that the man is agitated, aggressive and restless.

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