How To Understand A Guy By His Eyes

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How To Understand A Guy By His Eyes
How To Understand A Guy By His Eyes

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The expression in your eyes can tell a lot about a person's true thoughts and can be the key to further communication. Eyes also play an important role in the relationship between the sexes. But if women have a fairly extensive arsenal of options for "shooting with the eyes", then with men it is much more difficult. Sometimes it can be difficult to figure out what emotions male eyes express. Only one casual glance can drive the fairer sex into color and deprive them of peace of mind.

How to understand a guy by his eyes
How to understand a guy by his eyes


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It may seem to the girl that the guy is looking at her with loving eyes, but in reality nothing happens. Or she catches admiring male glances at a party, but in the end no one comes up to meet her. What's the matter? And the fact that women and men have different psychology. If the basis of feminine nature is constancy and the desire for stability, then the main feature of a man is changeability. Therefore, it is difficult to immediately understand what meaning the guy puts in this or that look. One thing is for sure: if a guy constantly turns his gaze on a girl, then she is interested in him. True, one should not flatter oneself greatly on this score, since a guy can simultaneously throw such looks at many girls at once and it is not yet known whom he will choose.

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There are, of course, some general signs by which one can determine the attitude towards oneself. For example, raised eyebrows when looking at a person mean interest, sympathy. If a vis-a-vis causes a certain antipathy, then the eyebrows involuntarily drop down (frown). If a guy's gaze slides interestedly over the girl's figure, as if "scanning" her, it means that he is already considering her as a potential sexual partner. Indeed, in order to appreciate the charms of a woman's figure, a man only needs a few seconds.

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A good sign is the look of a "secretive scout", when the guy glances at the girl briefly, but as if by chance. This may well mean that he developed a non-trivial interest in her. A look with a squint and a slight smile on the part of a guy can be regarded as a kind of flirting, a challenge and an invitation to easy communication. It may well be that a romantic relationship, but in some cases everything is limited to flirting.

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Well, if the guy simply does not take his eyes off the girl, then no interpretation is needed - this will obviously be followed by an acquaintance. It is not for nothing that the adored object is called "beloved", that is, the one from which it is impossible to take your eyes off.

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But nevertheless, it is impossible to determine one hundred percent by the eyes of a guy what feelings he is experiencing. Such a scale of views has not yet been invented, thanks to which it would be possible to distinguish between loving and friendly looks, a look full of passion, and a look of tender affection. It remains to count on the intuition inherent in most of the fair sex to come to the rescue.

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