How To Find Relatives

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How To Find Relatives
How To Find Relatives

Video: How To Find Relatives

Video: How To Find Relatives
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Having relatives nearby, even the most distant ones, is very important. They will always provide support in difficult, difficult situations and share with you the joy of the positive moments of life. But it also happens that people who are dear to each other eventually get lost in the vastness of Russia and the world. So how to find and find your loved ones again.

How to find relatives
How to find relatives

It is necessary

  • -a computer;
  • -access to the Internet.


Step 1

So, let's break through the open spaces of the Runet. First of all, go to the site of the well-known program "Wait for me". With the help of her, several hundred people have already found each other. Go to the portal and check if someone is already looking for you. To do this, type your last name and first name in the field in the upper right corner. If the request is negative, then place a request with information about the person you are looking for. If there is news for you, the editorial staff will definitely call

Step 2

The next site worth visiting is By registering there, you can freely search for your relatives in all corners of the world. And also on the resource there is the possibility of drawing up a genealogical tree of the family. All the necessary recommendations can be found in the relevant sections of the portal

Step 3

Also try to find relatives from the memory books. They can be viewed electronically. For example, or These are all-Russian sources. If you need to find memory e-books in your area, then try searching for links to them using search engines. You can also contact the archives department, which is in every city. And the professionals will help you navigate.

Step 4

It will also be useful to log in to a portal such as Through it, you can not only find relatives and restore contact with them, but also find namesakes. Such acquaintances are also useful. Because over time it may turn out that among them there are your relatives

Step 5

In addition to the Internet, you can connect all your friends, as well as grandmothers, grandfathers, moms and dads, to the search. They can tell you a lot about your family. Only, as a rule, they hide this information “on demand”. These people can also advise you on where to go next, or indicate the city where the family lived before. It is also useful for a seeker to go there. This will give the most complete idea of where exactly you can look for relatives that are still alive.

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