How To Learn To Flirt

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How To Learn To Flirt
How To Learn To Flirt

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Flirting is all about gestures, hints, and understatements designed to stir the imagination and arouse interest. If the mastery of this art was not gifted by nature, it can be easily learned. Simple tricks can help you connect with a lovely stranger.

How to learn to flirt
How to learn to flirt


Step 1

Learn the "golden rule" of flirting: the main thing is not the goal, but the process itself, which must be enjoyed. This is the only way to learn to flirt. If you constantly think about how you will go to the registry office with the man you like, no tricks will help even in the task of attracting elementary attention to yourself.

Step 2

Approach the beginning of the process fully armed. The main thing is to be impeccable in every detail. Nothing should bother you: neither uncomfortable shoes, nor an insufficiently perfect hairstyle. First of all, you need to absolutely like yourself. Then the impulse will work.

Step 3

It may not seem strange, but be restrained. In the art of flirting, talkativeness is superfluous. You do not need to lay out all the details of your life to the interlocutor. This leaves no room for imagination - the basis of the art of seduction.

Step 4

Be attentive to the interlocutor - let him feel that you are really interested in what he is talking about. Ask questions in which your counterpart feels confident. He will be pleased to show off his erudition in front of you, and he will give you the opportunity to express your admiration.

Step 5

Smile. It is a versatile tool that demonstrates disposition and openness. She does not commit to anything, does not hint at anything, but helps a lot in establishing contact. This is the easiest step in learning to flirt.

Step 6

Use the power of eye contact. At the very beginning of dating, the glances thrown at a man should be fleeting. Already in the process of a more thorough conversation, you can afford to hold your gaze for a little longer. And do not forget to be the first to look away if you meet eyes - this way you will allow the man to feel the first small victory.

Step 7

Use such a "tool" of flirting as "mirroring" the interlocutor's gestures as appropriate.

Step 8

Say “no” with your eyes and smile “yes”. Uncertainty is the hook on which you need to give a man a firm foothold.

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