How To Learn To Communicate Interestingly

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How To Learn To Communicate Interestingly
How To Learn To Communicate Interestingly

Video: How To Learn To Communicate Interestingly

Video: How To Learn To Communicate Interestingly
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Man is a social being. In addition to the need for food and warmth, he has a need for communication. Your communication success depends on yourself. Speakers are not born: only constant practice can make you an interesting conversationalist.

How to learn to communicate interestingly
How to learn to communicate interestingly


Step 1

Writing will help you learn to express thoughts logically and consistently. Keep a diary and describe in it your impressions of what you saw around. Describe everyday events in detail. Such a diary can be kept electronically.

Step 2

Broaden your horizons to become an interesting conversationalist. Travel, read books, visit theaters, exhibitions, museums. Meet different people, take an interest in their life, hobbies.

Step 3

Learn poetry by heart. Read them aloud, expressively. This will develop your sense of beauty, broaden your horizons and help improve your memory. It is also useful to learn tongue twisters, proverbs. Your friends may be interested in anecdotes and quotes from famous people.

Step 4

Practice your speech. Stand in front of a mirror, turn on the tape, and conduct a monologue. You can tell the same anecdotes or interesting stories from your life. Watch for gestures and facial expressions. Try to talk about things that will be interesting to people listening to you. Preparing for a meeting of fishing enthusiasts, it is hardly worth cramming lectures on strength of materials.

Step 5

Pay attention to your appearance. If in your appearance there is something defiantly "protruding" - for example, leaky jeans, torn buttons - it is unlikely that they will listen to you attentively. Most likely, they will make fun of you, giggle. Therefore, you must look neat.

Step 6

Successful communication is achieved by those who know how to listen well. Do not interrupt your opponent, ask leading and clarifying questions, learn to empathize. Show your interlocutor your interest, nod and give assent from time to time. But it should look natural, not pretentious.

Step 7

Learn to highlight the main thing, both in written texts and in the spontaneous speech of people. Summarize what the interlocutor said: "So, as I understand it, your main problem is that …". This technique will make you an indispensable listener, show the narrator that you listened carefully to his speech.