What To Do If A Child Has Pinched A Finger

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What To Do If A Child Has Pinched A Finger
What To Do If A Child Has Pinched A Finger

Video: What To Do If A Child Has Pinched A Finger

Video: What To Do If A Child Has Pinched A Finger
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Children are at risk of injury almost 24 hours a day. Little fingers are actively exploring everything that surrounds the child, so bruises, bruises and abrasions are a common problem for every mother. One of the most common situations is your fingers being pinched by a door or desk drawer. Shock and crying babies can make it difficult for a parent to quickly navigate and provide adequate assistance to a child in such an injury.

Pinched finger
Pinched finger

First aid

Cooling the pinched toe is the best way to relieve pain. Dressings with ice or plain cold water can be used. However, the first thing to do is to calm down the child himself. The shock of an injury to a toddler can be more serious than an accidental injury.

Pay attention to the extent of the damage to the finger. The child can pinch the phalanx or the area of the nail plate. In the first case, a simple bruise occurs, in the place of which a bruise will appear. If the nail plate is damaged, the pain persists much longer, and the nail itself is likely to be renewed.

What to do if a phalanx of a finger is pinched

The pinched finger swells almost immediately. This is the body's natural reaction to injury. However, if the tumor does not begin to decrease in a day, then the child must be shown to a specialist. It is likely that the injury is much more serious than it might seem at first glance. Be aware that a pinched toe may be broken. That is why, immediately after the injury, ask the child to try to move a finger to make sure that the bone is not damaged.

The pinched finger must be fixed using a special bandage, which can be found in every first aid kit. If it does not bend for a long time, be sure to take an x-ray at the children's clinic.

What to do if the nail plate is pinched

With severe bruises, the nail plates are usually renewed. A new one grows in place of the affected nail. This process is accompanied by pain, discomfort and discomfort. If you notice that the nail grows in an irregular shape or the remnants of the damaged nail plate grow into the skin, you should immediately consult a doctor.

If a child has pinched a finger in the nail area, then most likely bleeding will occur. Be sure to treat the wound with hydrogen peroxide to exclude infection or dirt. If necessary, fill the cut with brilliant green or iodine.

General recommendations

Adults are advised to take pain relievers if they experience any pain. In the case of a child, it is better not to conduct such experiments. Try to prepare in advance and purchase special ointments and gels for treating wounds and bruises from the pharmacy. Such funds should be at hand for all parents.

To eliminate pain in a pinched finger, many mothers use traditional medicine methods. Aloe leaf compresses and herbal compresses will help to heal the bruise faster.