Finger Paints For Children Under One Year Old: Trying To Draw

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Finger Paints For Children Under One Year Old: Trying To Draw
Finger Paints For Children Under One Year Old: Trying To Draw

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Most parents try to develop their children from birth. Adults are divided over the use of paints. Some mothers believe that giving paints to a child is inappropriate due to the fact that he will stain himself and the place around him, pull his fingers into his mouth. And others, on the contrary, despite the difficulties, create all conditions for the baby and teach him to draw with finger paints.

Finger paints for children under one year old: trying to draw
Finger paints for children under one year old: trying to draw

For what and why

Experts have long proven that for the early development of a baby, he needs to develop fine motor skills of his fingers. This, in turn, contributes to the timely formation of speech and thinking crumbs. All of the above functions are performed by finger paints. In addition, they contribute to the development of tactile sensitivity, color perception, focused attention and perseverance in children. Thus, from the age of 6 months, when the baby is just beginning to crawl and sit, he can participate in the creative process, mastering the world around him through colors.

How to make finger paints

Finger paints, sold in stores in a large assortment, are produced using environmentally friendly technologies. If you still doubt their safety, make your own paints. To do this, you need to have the following ingredients on hand: food coloring or tempera; 500 g flour, 2 tbsp. l. vegetable oil, 5 tbsp. l. salt. All components, except for dry dyes, must be diluted with plain or tinted water to the consistency of sour cream and mixed thoroughly with a mixer.

Then the whole mass must be evenly distributed over small jars and safe dyes must be added there, if the solution is not yet colored with liquid. It can be either paint from Easter sets or powder tempera. You can use natural dyes - vegetable juice, turmeric, blue clay, berry juice, decoction of onion husks or spruce branches. The most important thing is to make the primary colors: red, yellow, blue. And already from them by mixing, you can make additional shades. The alliance of blue and yellow results in green. Mixing red and green will give brown.

How to paint with finger paints

For classes, it is better to choose a warm season so that you can put the child in some panties on the floor on a spread-out Whatman paper. Or put him on a washable chair at a table covered with oilcloth. You don't need to give your baby all the colors at once. It is recommended to introduce him to each color gradually. When he becomes familiar with one color, it is necessary to give him others in turn. Then enter two mixed tones, giving you the opportunity to experiment with them. At the same time, it is better to give the baby complete freedom, praise him for all the "squiggles" and not scold him for "dirtying". Reckless words can scare a child away from the creative process for a long time.

When the baby has mastered the simplest "kalyaks-malyaks", you can offer him to draw a circle with his finger - in the sun or in a flower; oval - in a caterpillar, cloud, butterfly; a square - into a house, etc. You can also try to draw leaves on trees, fish in an aquarium, etc. with your palms. Drawing is possible even when the baby is bathing. In this case, it will remain clean. You should not rush the child to master colors and techniques, since the development of each child is strictly individual. We must focus on his personal successes. It is recommended to post pictures in a prominent place, making them a source of pride. After 1-1.5 years, it is advisable to replace finger paints with ordinary watercolors in order to teach the child to draw with a brush.

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