How To Protect Children From Injury

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How To Protect Children From Injury
How To Protect Children From Injury
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Traumatism is quite widespread among children. Many children suffer from injuries every day. City streets are the most dangerous for schoolchildren. But babies can easily be injured even in an apartment. Therefore, parents need to be extremely prudent with toddlers, and conduct conversations with older children about the rules of behavior on the street.

How to protect children from injury
How to protect children from injury


Step 1

It is impossible to explain to kids that they cannot touch the sockets, go to the gas stove, take a cup of hot tea. Therefore, mothers and fathers should prevent the occurrence of injuries in the child. As soon as the baby began to crawl actively, then all dangerous objects should be removed away from him. This applies to breakable dishes, knives, forks, electrical appliances. Be sure to purchase plugs for sockets and cabinets, as well as latches on the door.

Step 2

Try to restrict your baby's access to the kitchen, as this area in the house is an increased source of danger. A hot kettle, boiling soup, a gas stove attract crumbs and can cause serious injury. Therefore, do not let your child play in the kitchen or keep his time there to a minimum. If you have to cook, but there is no one to look after the crumbs, get a playpen. This will ensure that the little one is in a safe place.

Step 3

It will not be superfluous to pay attention to the toys of the child. They must be strong so that he cannot accidentally break them. Sometimes the beads poured out of the rattle easily fall into the nose or ear of the little researcher. In addition, toys should not contain small parts, sharp corners. It is necessary that they are in a place accessible to the baby so that, if he wants to play, he does not have to climb on the shelf.

Step 4

To protect an older child from injury, you should periodically hold conversations regarding the rules and norms of behavior at school, on the street, in the yard. Of course, it is impossible to prohibit and deny children outdoor games, sports activities. Here, the adult's task should be to foster a sense of caution and meaningfulness, so that when performing this or that action, the child thinks about the consequences.

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