Baby Sling Accessories

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Baby Sling Accessories
Baby Sling Accessories

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Slings are gaining more and more popularity, and manufacturers, in gratitude, are releasing more and more various accessories for them. All sorts of little things make life easier for sleepwalkers, so that nothing interferes with the wonderful time of motherhood.

Baby sling accessories
Baby sling accessories


This is an important detail for worry-free walks. Having a sling and a jacket for it, you do not have to buy a stroller. Walking in the arms of your mother contributes to the good development of the nervous system. In a slingokurtka, you know for sure that the baby will not freeze, you can breastfeed him discreetly. You can also walk everywhere: even where the stroller will not pass. At the store, you can safely take off your jacket and go shopping without fear of sweating.

Baby coats are made of waterproof and windproof fabrics with the use of modern insulation. For summer coolness, you can buy knitted ponchos or fleece jackets, and for autumn and winter, jackets with thick insulation that can withstand fairly low temperatures are suitable. Baby sling jackets are practical - some little things will help you warm up if it suddenly gets cold outside or it rains. This, for example, a hood that rises, easily tightens and shelters the child from the vagaries of nature. Hand slots will be useful for a grown-up toddler who no longer wants to hide the handles under a jacket.

Some models of jackets may have belts that support the child's head, as well as pockets that can fit a phone or change for travel on the bus. The undoubted plus of the babywearing jacket is that it can be worn without a special insert. Thus, by removing the insert for the baby, the jacket will become an ordinary fashion item for the mother.


For those who cannot afford a baby sling jacket, a baby sling jacket will help out. This is a piece of the jacket with lining that attaches to your main jacket. It enlarges your outer garment by a couple of sizes. The insert is inexpensive, it is easily attached to the main outerwear. She, like a baby coat, will shelter your baby from cold, rain and wind. Often the slingshot is made for cool autumn and spring weather, but in this case, a heater is sewn separately for it, which is attached to the insert using buttons. The insert also has a slot for handles, a hood and drawstrings to help tighten all the free spaces.


The sling beads were designed to keep mom calm and healthy. These beads are hand made of cotton threads and juniper wood beads. A cute little thing that will help mom to rid herself of the child's constant pinching.

The sling beads are put on the mother, and the child, sitting in the sling or feeding, can fiddle with them, gnaw at cutting teeth or just look at them. They will distract the baby from mom's hair and chains with pendants with their bright colors and interesting small toys. Sling buses can rattle, rustle, ring. This is not just jewelry for mother's neck, it is an important thing for the development of fine motor skills of the baby's hands, his interest, color and sound perception. With grown-up children with the help of a sling bus, you can learn colors, sizes, shapes. These beads will help mothers in the queue to the doctor, on the bus, to distract the child from the whims.


This is another interesting accessory for a baby in a sling. Leg warmers are relevant in winter because a child's legs can freeze outside the sling when everything else is covered with a canvas. When a child is on his mother, his legs are lifted up, and in such cases slingogeters, which are put on the legs, will be saved. They insulate the child's legs well, but do not warm the whole body. Leggings will also be helpful when your child is learning to crawl or walk on all fours. With the help of them, the baby will not rub his knees. Slingoguards are made of knitted fabrics for the cool season and wool for the winter.They are varied in their assortment, and you can match the color of your sling.


The so-called slingochuni are no less popular. Chuni are shoe covers that are put on the child's legs after walking on the ground. They will come in handy for older children.

Often on a walk, the child gets tired and asks for his arms. It is precisely at these moments that the slingochuni are put on the child, and he sits down in the sling. Chuni will protect your clothes from dirt and slush during the dirty season and in the rain. Shoe covers are sewn dimensionless and are suitable for children under 3-4 years old. They are thin, made of waterproof fabric. They are easy to put on and take off and take up very little space in your bag. For children aged 5 and older, they will also come in handy - so as not to dirty the interior of your car, just put shoe covers over your street shoes.

Baby slings

Baby toys will also be useful for the development of the child. These toys are small, about the size of your palm, or even smaller. They are bright, soft, pleasant to the touch. Slingo toys are usually forest animals and pets, flowers, dolls, sun, clouds or cars. They are knitted from cotton and bamboo threads. The details of each toy are meticulously crafted, be it ears, eyes or wheels. Small parts of the toys are sewn tightly so that they do not creep when they get into the mouth. The filler used in slingo toys is safe, it does not crumble and does not stretch through the knitted fabric. The toys can be washed in the washing machine. They will serve your child for a long time, distracting him in queues or calming him down in your absence. They can be attached to sling beads, to a string, or just to clothes.


A raincoat or a slingoncap will save you and your child from the vagaries of nature. The cape is made of waterproof dense fabric and is worn over outer clothing. Due to the composition of the fabric, you are not afraid of rain or wind. If the slingonakid is also equipped with fleece insulation, then you are not afraid of even severe frosts. In cool summers, the raincoat can be worn simply on a sling, without a jacket, as protection from the rain. It takes up little space, so you can take it for a walk by putting it in your bag or pocket.

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