How To Get Your Child Interested In Reading

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How To Get Your Child Interested In Reading
How To Get Your Child Interested In Reading
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Books are an integral part of the harmonious intellectual development of a child. They develop creative thinking, imagination, enhance the imagination of the baby, and also reading books leads to the emergence of intuitive literacy. If ten years ago all children were brought up reading books, today, in the era of electronic games, television and computers, children read less and less, showing no love and desire to read. How to make the child interested in the world described in the books?

How to get your child interested in reading
How to get your child interested in reading


Step 1

Try to make sure that computer games and TV are minimally present in the child's life.

Step 2

Instill in him a love of books from early childhood - even when the baby still does not know how to read, he will be happy to look at pictures in children's books, touch pages and listen to fairy tales that parents read to him.

Step 3

It is not enough to just read books aloud to your child - he must develop fast reading skills in order to read books on his own. To develop this skill, use the summer season, when both you and your child will have more free time to explore new horizons. In nature, in the country, at a resort or staying at home, read books with your child that are available for his age and understanding.

Step 4

Your child should be interested in the book you are reading - choose books so that they correspond to the interests of the child. Start reading and keep your child interested in the story. As soon as the plot comes up to the most interesting place, say that you are tired and invite your child to read aloud to you.

Step 5

Leave the child alone with the book as often as possible, stopping the reading at the most interesting place. Curiosity will take its toll, and the baby will begin to read on his own.

Step 6

Read interesting children's books by role - choose a book that has two main characters and details their dialogues. Assign roles between yourself and your child. He will perceive this reading as a fun game. Be sure to praise your child for reading - this will motivate him to take further action.

Step 7

You can also encourage your child to read by inviting him to read the book in turn. Read two chapters, then have your child read the third.

Step 8

If the child has not shown interest in the book, try another that will interest him more. Ask your child what topic they would like to hear and read the story about. Don't take too long to read - take breaks.

Step 9

The child needs to get used to the new mental activity. Always praise and encourage your child. You can come up with homemade medals and reading ribbons for him. And of course, set your own example for the child - he must see that parents are reading books with pleasure and interest.

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