How To Teach A Child To Patriotism

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How To Teach A Child To Patriotism
How To Teach A Child To Patriotism
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Many parents do not consider it necessary to teach a child about patriotism. Some put it on the shoulders of teachers, while others even consider it unnecessary.

Patriotism in a child
Patriotism in a child

Patriotic education is not in vogue today. We live in an era of globalization, in which, thanks to technological advances, we can easily establish contact not only with our closest neighbor, but also with a person living on the other side of the world, speaking a different language and brought up in a different culture. On the other hand, patriotic education can have unpleasant associations with extreme nationalism, that is, an attitude that preaches the superiority of one nation over others. Patriotism, however, has nothing to do with it, and the patriotic upbringing of a child can not only give him pleasure, teach him, but also bring other benefits for his development.

Why teach a child about patriotism?

Patriotic parenting can make a child feel safer in the world. Young children know they can always count on Mom and Dad or siblings. They feel like they are part of this community, which is a family. It is like a person is part of a nation - it is worth telling your child that he is part of a group of people with whom they share in origin and common language.

Patriotic upbringing helps to strengthen a sense of identity in the smallest - I know where I come from, I study the customs and traditions of the region where I was born, I listen to the stories of grandparents about what happened in the past. A child who talks about patriotism knows where his roots are. During such a patriotic upbringing, it should be noted that there are many countries in the world in which people of different appearance, customs and traditions live. Patriotic relationships also require respect for other cultures.

How to raise a child in the spirit of patriotism?

Watching long historical films, reading multi-page books dedicated to war heroes will not be of much interest to a child, especially the youngest. However, he can look with pleasure at the flags of different countries, coats of arms or look through books in which ancient Russian clothing, customs, and dishes are presented.

Why not combine patriotic education with outdoor play? Children love to walk, so you can take them with you on a trip to the museum or just go out into nature. You can always find a beautiful place, lake, forest and show your child his Motherland, Russia. Take part in school trips or excursions to the most famous parks and monuments in major cities. You can also discuss with your child and mark the places you would like to visit. Each region has its own legends, customs and traditions. Planning your trip around the country and choosing places to visit will provide your child with a memorable experience while at the same time helping to learn the history of the region in an accessible way.

Patriotic parenting works especially well with preschoolers and children in early grade school. The younger ones at this age love to learn poetry, participate in performances. Parents can take their children to elections, ask them to throw a ballot into the ballot box, explain what it is, and shape the attitude of a citizen participating in the creation of their country.

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