How To Teach Your Child The Letters

How To Teach Your Child The Letters
How To Teach Your Child The Letters

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To teach a child letters, first of all, you need to interest the child, since at this age he does only what is interesting to him. Learning needs to be turned into a game. The choice of the primer also plays an important role; it should contain many syllables with different letters and words from a combination of these syllables, short sentences and stories. And of course the primer should be colorful and with lots of illustrations. You can start teaching your child letters from the age of three.

How to teach your child the letters
How to teach your child the letters

So, in order to teach a child letters, there are several methods:

1. You need to draw letters or numbers on colored paper (one at a time), then use adhesive tape to glue the letter or number to a flat surface for the child to see. Tell him that this is the letter "A", and do not forget to ask him to show the studied letters before going to bed. Thus, every night, adding by letter or number, you will quickly teach your child the alphabet.

2. If, for example, you are standing in line with your child, find a poster with letters or numbers and show the child the letters and ask him to name them. This will help you consolidate the previously acquired knowledge and spend time with the benefit of the child.

3. You can use a magnetic or music alphabet and study colors and letters at the same time. Children like it very much.

4. Ask the child to find the letter "A" in the house, no matter where it is in a book, newspaper or in a picture, and do not forget to thank him for a correctly completed task, for example, you can give him some kind of present. This will help stimulate the child's desire to complete your task.

5. To teach your child letters, use chalk to draw letters or numbers on the pavement.

6. When teaching, the use of names or toys will make it easier for the child to memorize letters. First say a letter, then the name of the toy or a name starting with that letter and ask the child to repeat after you.

7. You can record the alphabet on a dictaphone, turn it on for the child, but in such a way that he repeats the letters.

How quickly your child learns the alphabet or numbers depends on your creativity. Never force a child to learn letters, read, count or write, otherwise he will completely lose the desire to do this, make him himself interested in this. Do not overload the child, it is enough to study one letter a day.

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