How To Teach Your Child Letters And Numbers

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How To Teach Your Child Letters And Numbers
How To Teach Your Child Letters And Numbers

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You can start teaching your child letters and numbers when he starts talking. It is during this period that children remember best. To make the process interesting for the child, conduct activities in the form of games. Several interesting fun ways will help you quickly teach your child.

How to teach your child letters and numbers
How to teach your child letters and numbers


Step 1

Cut out 1 or 2 letters or numbers on colorful paper every day. Explain to your child what letter you are learning today and hang it in a prominent place in his bedroom. Before going to bed, ask your baby to show the learned letter or number.

Step 2

When with your child in public places where there are posters, magazines or newspapers, point to the letters, and ask him to name them. This method helps to consolidate knowledge.

Step 3

It is very convenient to study letters and numbers with your child using a musical or magnetic alphabet. It will also help you master colors.

Step 4

While doing household chores, you can teach your child at the same time. To do this, ask him to find a specific letter in a magazine or newspaper. If the child copes with the task, be sure to give him a small gift. This stimulates the child well to learn, and also teaches to carry out assignments.

Step 5

When you walk with your child outdoors or in the park, take some chalk with you. Play with your kid drawing letters or numbers on the asphalt. Children like it very much.

Step 6

Make it easier to remember letters using names, toys, or objects. When teaching the baby a certain letter, point to a toy that begins with this letter, name it. Ask your child to repeat.

Step 7

Record the alphabet on a recorder, and let the child listen to it, while asking him to repeat the letters.

Step 8

If you have older children, ask them to teach your toddler letters and numbers. Children are happy to learn everything from brothers and sisters. Learning may take the form of playing school or the brother may ask for help with homework.

Step 9

In children's stores, buy educational books, toys that will help in teaching your child.

Step 10

Learning is up to you and your creativity. Do not overwork the child, do not force him to learn letters and numbers, if he is not interested.

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