How To Sew A School Uniform

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How To Sew A School Uniform
How To Sew A School Uniform

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When the question arises of what a child should wear to school, parents are increasingly inclined to believe that a school uniform is needed. You can buy a ready-made form in the store. But, firstly, not everyone wants to have a standard form, and secondly, many schools take the form of a sample established only in it. In any case, if you need to sew a school uniform, you can do it yourself.

School uniform patterns
School uniform patterns

It is necessary

all the necessary materials, skills, patience, desire


Step 1

1. Conduct reconnaissance. See what types of forms are now in stores, magazines, on the Internet. Ask your child what he would like, if there are no strict restrictions on the type of form.

Step 2

2. Prepare the required materials. Having decided on the project, buy everything you need: fabrics, threads, needles, finishing materials. Check the house for an auxiliary tool - scissors, templates, etc.

Step 3

3. Take measurements. Be specific to make sure your school uniform fits well.

Step 4

4. Make a pattern. In this case, you can use both ready-made patterns and draw a pattern yourself. The main thing is dimensional accuracy.

Step 5

5. Sew the shape. Having previously swept away all the parts, trying on, specifying. Process the seams, attach the trim elements. Try it on again. Everything worked out? Excellent. The form is ready.

You should not be engaged in sewing school uniforms yourself if you have little experience as a dressmaker. The form includes many complex elements that can only be successfully performed by professionals.

School uniform
School uniform

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