Where To Go On Vacation With Children In Moscow

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Where To Go On Vacation With Children In Moscow
Where To Go On Vacation With Children In Moscow

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The problem of entertainment for children is encountered in many cities, but certainly not in Moscow. The capital of our country provides a huge selection of options for family vacations, especially during vacation periods.

Moscow Zoo
Moscow Zoo


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The Moscow Zoo is the best place for a walk, even with the smallest children. It is very large, so you don't have to try to go around the entire territory in one day. For very young children, there is the Children's Zoo, and there is also a sightseeing tour of it on a small train. Outside the Children's Zoo, children are especially interested in the Monkey House and the Exotarium, which is home to the most beautiful animals and fish from the tropics. Older children may be interested in the Pony Club and the Young Biology Club. In addition, the zoo has a wonderful children's theater group "Tik-Tak".

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There is a dolphinarium in the old territory of the zoo, it is located not far from the House of Birds. Dolphinarium actors are dolphins, sea lions, polar whales, fur seals and walruses. The performances here are short-lived (about half an hour), they are designed for small children. After the show, everyone can take pictures with the dolphins.

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Another wonderful place in the capital, invented especially for children, is the Animal Theater of V.L. Durov. Performances in the theater take place on several stages: Bolshoi, where performances of elephants, horses, hippos, chimpanzees, parrots, poodles and clowns take place, and Malaya, where performances are held for the smallest (from two to six years old), here children sit in the first ranks, and their parents behind. Here you can see cats, foxes, ferrets, crows, ponies, bears and porcupines. There is a small museum at the Animal Theater, where you can drop by before the performance and get acquainted with the theater artists and its history.

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The Kuklachev Theater will appeal to children who love cats. The cats are the main characters here. It is they who do acrobatic stunts that cause affection in adults and delight in children. One-act miniatures can be alternated with small performances of clowns.

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