Funny Short Horror Stories For Children 8 Years Old

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Funny Short Horror Stories For Children 8 Years Old
Funny Short Horror Stories For Children 8 Years Old
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Each of us loved to listen to scary stories in childhood. In fact, not all of them are that scary. Some of the scary stories have a completely logical explanation, others are not even devoid of humor.

Funny short horror stories for children 8 years old
Funny short horror stories for children 8 years old

There are thousands of children's scary and funny horror stories, many of them are suitable for children under 10 years old. The most popular are stories about "living dolls", ghosts and strange personalities.


Cursed doll

Once upon a time there was a little girl who loved toys. She collected a collection of the most beautiful dolls in her bedroom. One day the girl was walking down the street and wandered into a toy store. She saw a lovely doll and wanted it to be an addition to her beautiful collection. The girl looked for money in her pocket, and hoped that there would be enough small change for the desired purchase.

- How much is this doll worth? The girl asked the elderly woman at the counter.

“This doll is not for sale,” she was told.

- But she is very beautiful! I want to buy it.

- Yes, beautiful. But it is not for sale.

- But why?

- Because the doll is unusual. It brings bad luck.

“It doesn't matter,” the girl replied. - I want to take her.

- I won't sell it to you. But if you really want to get this particular doll, go and get it. She's yours. But I warned you.

The happy child ran to the shelf, took the coveted doll and happily ran out of the store, thanking the elderly woman.

All the way home, the girl did not let go of the toy. She went into the entrance, went to the elevator and waited for it to arrive. The elevator doors flew open, the girl went inside, clutching the doll. The elevator doors closed, but the elevator did not move.

The girl was frightened, turned white with fear: "My God, is the doll really cursed?" Suddenly she felt something stirring in her hands. It was a doll whose head turned and its artificial eyes opened.

The girl wanted to scream, but could not even utter a sound. The toy's lifeless gaze was directed at the young owner. The doll opened her mouth and said in a raspy voice: "Press the button, you fool."


Doors to hell

Once upon a time there was a man. He led a wrong life, often deceived people, and did dishonest and bad deeds. Once he was accidentally hit by a car and his soul rushed straight to hell, where the devil was already waiting for him.

“Welcome to hell,” the devil said. - Now you must decide how you will spend your eternity here, choosing one of the three doors.

The devil led the man to the first door and opened it. Hundreds of people were inside, standing on their heads on the cement floor.

- It seems awkward. Let's see what's behind the second door,”the man replied.

They went to the next door, the devil opened it. There were again hundreds of people in it, who were standing on their heads, but on a wooden floor.

“It's just as inconvenient,” the man said, and they went to the last, third door.

The devil opened it, and the man saw hundreds of people who communicated among themselves and drank coffee, being knee-deep in manure.

“You can still endure that,” the man said, entered the third door and poured himself some coffee. The devil smiled, the door slammed shut, and the man heard Satan's voice behind the door: “Coffee break is over! Get on your head!"


Request for help

This story happened on a dark and rainy night. The man and his wife slept peacefully in their home. Suddenly, the couple were awakened by the sound of the engine. A few minutes later, there was a loud knock at the front door in the house.

The man looked at the clock, which showed late time.

- Who could it be at a time like this? - he asked.

Outside, the wind howled and rain beat on the window panes. There was another persistent knock at the front door.

- Go downstairs and see who it is, - said the wife.

The man put on a robe and went down to the hallway. Through the window with sleepy eyes, he made out a figure standing on the porch.

With shaking hands, the man opened the door. Someone in a dark cloak stood in the pouring rain.The black hat was set deep on his head, covering the stranger's eyes.

- Can you push me? He asked.

- Sorry, I can’t. It's almost midnight now! - answered the man, slammed the front door and returned to bed.

- Who was that? - asked the wife.

- A strange guy who was looking for help. I understand that he wanted me to push his car.

- And you didn't help him?

- Of course not. It's late and it's such bad weather outside.

- Shame on you. Do you remember when our car broke down in some unknown place, two strangers stopped to help us. I think you should help him out.

The man got out of bed again, went downstairs and opened the front door. It was dark outside. A strong wind was blowing, it was raining heavily. The man shouted: "Are you still here?"

A voice came from somewhere in the darkness: “Yes! I'm here!".

- Do you still need a nudge?

- Yes! Need to!

The man took a few steps forward.

- And where are you?

- Here! On the swing.


Camping in the woods

One day, two friends decided to go hiking in the woods at the end of summer. During the trip, the weather turned bad and it started to rain. In the forest, they found an abandoned shack in which they decided to spend the night. Two friends opened a creaky door and entered a forest house forgotten by all. Conveniently located inside, the friends fell asleep. However, in the middle of the night there was a noise outside. Friends woke up.

“Probably a wild animal,” one answered. Barely falling asleep, one of the friends woke up again from the same noise.

Incomprehensible sounds came from outside. The friends were on their guard. One of them sat down on the bed and noticed a strange movement in the corner of the room, next to the window. At first he thought it was the trees swaying from the strong wind. However, he later realized that this someone was alive. The unfamiliar human silhouette continued to move.

One friend woke the second, both got out of bed and stared at the unknown figure. The hearts of the young travelers began to beat, cold sweat broke out, both could not budge.

- Do you see him? One asked.

“Yes,” whispered another.

For the next ten minutes, the friends looked at the frightening outlines in the corner of the room, when, like an unknown silhouette, looked at them.

One of the friends took a flashlight and shone on the object of fear to drive it away. However, the friends soon realized their mistake. There was a mirror in the corner of the room, in which they saw only their own reflection.



This is a scary and funny story about a man who inherited a house after the death of his uncle. The house was located on the top of a hill. Neighbors spoke ill of the reputation of this dwelling and even said that ghosts lived there.

Despite all the rumors, the man moved to a new house and decided to settle down there.

One night on the first evening of my stay at the house, the phone rang. The man picked up the phone, in which he heard an unfamiliar hoarse voice: “I'm a murderer. And I'll be there for two hours! " The unknown interlocutor hung up before the new owner could say anything.

After a while, another phone call rang out. The same hoarse voice briefly announced: “I am a murderer. And I'll be there for 20 minutes!"

The man got nervous and began to wonder who the unknown voice might belong to.

Soon the telephone rang in the house again: “I am a murderer. And I'll be there for 5 minutes!"

The man was puzzled and decided to do something. However, the call rang again: “I am a murderer. And I'll be there for a minute."

The new owner of the house was afraid for his life, grabbed the telephone receiver, dialed the number and called the police. In panic, he ran to the front door to meet the representatives of the law. Hearing the noise on the porch, the man asked the question: "Is this the police?"

“No,” a voice answered. - I'm a killer. I go forever to kill your house and wash the windows. Can I get it?

It turned out that it was just a janitor who did not pronounce the letter "p".

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