Contests And Games For Children 5-6 Years Old

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Contests And Games For Children 5-6 Years Old
Contests And Games For Children 5-6 Years Old
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At the age of 5-6, the child's creativity increases significantly. He can no longer only monitor everything that happens, but also begins to analyze and generalize everything he saw.

Tough game
Tough game

Picasso and Gaudi

During this period of life, the child loves to draw, design and create with his own hand models of cardboard buildings. He is already able to independently choose a combination of colors and can even come up with his own pattern. The five-year-old artists are pretty confident with brush and pencils. If parents offer the kid to make and decorate a dollhouse, a magic hut, or a toy cinema, he will enthusiastically get down to work. But the advice and help of an adult to a child is still needed.

Guess the fairy tale

By this point, the children are already familiar with most of the fairy tales. Therefore, you can use the knowledge gained with interest, at the same time using children's logic. The game consists in the fact that an adult names the child a few words that characterize a fairy tale, and the child must use them to determine which work is being discussed. For example: stepmother, fairy, slipper, prince, ball ("Cinderella") or nettle, brothers, rose, ring, shirt ("Wild swans"). If the child is not yet ready to guess the name, then you can increase the number of words until the answer becomes clear. You can change the order of the game - first name the fairy tale, and then ask the child to choose the words that fit it.

Apple hedgehog

This game can be played by several people at once. Each player is given an apple, into which an equal number of matches are stuck, gray outward. Ask the children in turn to pull out one match at a time, naming all sorts of epithets that match the word "apple" (juicy, ruddy, red-sided, liquid, etc.). At the same time, you can name fairy tales, where it is a question of apples, sing songs, read poetry, solve riddles, memorize proverbs.

Dragon tail

But most of all, six-year-old tomboy love outdoor games. Of course, such contests are best held outdoors, where there is plenty of free space. The participants in the game should stand behind each other, holding their hands around the waist of the person in front. The very last in this column will be the dragon's tail, and the first will be its head. At the signal, the dragon's head will try to catch its tail. The tail should try to dodge the head. During this game, the rest of the chain of children should not be disconnected. When the first player catches the last one, the caught one turns into a dragon's tail and the game continues.


Develops logic and thinking well and such a game. The presenter thinks out the name of the subject on a previously discussed topic (gifts, animals, furniture, etc.), and the children must guess it by asking leading questions, to which it is allowed to answer only yes or no. The one who guessed it changes with the leading places.

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