What Are The Games For Children Under 3 Years Old

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What Are The Games For Children Under 3 Years Old
What Are The Games For Children Under 3 Years Old

Video: What Are The Games For Children Under 3 Years Old

Video: What Are The Games For Children Under 3 Years Old
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Games not only cheer up the child, but also help to develop. However, young children still cannot play their usual catch-up or daughters-mothers. They want simpler, more understandable, but no less useful entertainment.

games for children under 3 years old
games for children under 3 years old

One of the easiest games for children under three years old is to find a toy. True, it should be carried out at the age when the baby is already able to recognize his favorite thing.

Play a little with your child, then put the toy under the pillow and invite them to look for the missing together. Guide him so that he does not spend too much time searching and does not get bored. If the baby begins to cry, then it is better to immediately return the loss.

This game allows you to improve your attentiveness, and also develops logical thinking. Over time, the task can become more difficult, hide the toy in more difficult places and give fewer hints.

This also includes hide and seek. Ask the child to find you, and hide yourself somewhere close and very noticeable. Do not forget to praise your baby and say how attentive and intelligent he is.


This is a great game that will help your child learn to recognize colors, as well as improve his motor skills and spatial orientation. First, buy a set of large bricks in contrasting colors. Tell the kid the colors and ask them to collect some pyramid. Correct him when he is wrong, but never scold him.

Build various designs with him, ask questions like "what color is this?" or ask him to serve a cube of the desired color. Increase the number and variety of shapes over time.

Also name different colors as you walk. After a while, ask your child to guess them on their own. To help the baby quickly understand their difference, you can use additional techniques. For example, say the word "red" very loudly and quickly, and "green" smoothly and stretched out. This will help the child to remember the differences faster.

Motor development games

Before the age of 3, it is really important that the child learns to move fully. There are a number of games that allow you to do this.

"Do as I do". At first, if the child still has poor control over the body, do a few manipulations with him: raise your arm, bend your leg, and so on. Then ask your baby to repeat the movements. At a more advanced level, do the movements yourself.

"Crayfish". Through this exercise, the child will learn to walk with his back forward. First, ask to do it on all fours. Then standing, holding his hand. In the last step, release your hand and allow the child to move on their own, but do not forget to belay.

"The elephant and the mosquito." Show your child how loudly an elephant stomps and how quietly a mosquito moves on tiptoe, and then ask him to repeat the movements.