How To Rid Children Of Worms

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How To Rid Children Of Worms
How To Rid Children Of Worms
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Helminthiasis is a common disease among children, provoked by worms - small worms parasitizing in the intestines, liver, lungs and other internal organs of the child. Symptoms of the disease are restless sleep of the baby, abdominal pain, itching in the anus, inflammation of the genitals, decreased appetite and other signs.

How to rid children of worms
How to rid children of worms


Step 1

Treatment of pinworms occurs with a combination of maintaining a special regimen and taking antihelminthic drugs. During treatment, the child must observe the rules of personal hygiene. Change your underwear daily, ideally 2 times a day. After washing in hot water, be sure to iron bed linen with an iron every two to three days. The kid should wash at least twice a day, and then wash his hands thoroughly. Avoid scratching itchy areas. Therefore, cut your child's fingernails as short as possible.

Step 2

Carry out a daily wet cleaning in the room using detergent and disinfectants. Then disinfect the rags by boiling. Observe this regimen for 3-4 weeks. Moreover, you must adhere to the same routine. If no new infection has occurred, all pinworms in the child's intestines should die.

Step 3

In severe and protracted cases, it is recommended to use drugs such as Mebendazole, Combatrin, Dekaris, Piperazine. All funds are selected in accordance with age and based on the patient's body weight.

Step 4

For the treatment of enterobiasis, also use alternative methods. Carrot juice can be taken in combination with drug therapy. Squeeze it every morning and give your child a glass for 2-3 weeks on an empty stomach. For children over 2 years old, add one chopped head of garlic to the liquid, pour 3 cloves of garlic in a glass of milk and boil the product in a water bath for 10 minutes. Take a teaspoon for 10 days. Children over 5 years old can eat 1-2 cloves before meals.

Step 5

Pumpkin seeds are considered the most popular folk recipe for pinworms. Give them to your child on an empty stomach in the amount of 100 g. Use them for at least one month. For babies, add crushed seeds to sugar, diluting with a small amount of milk; for children over 5 years old, it is better to chew them on their own. The best results can be achieved if you give your child a tablespoon of castor oil after each pumpkin seed intake. To get rid of pinworms, a decoction of pharmacy chamomile also helps, which must be diluted with water to a translucent state and taken instead of water up to one liter per day.

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