What Books Should You Read About Parenting?

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What Books Should You Read About Parenting?
What Books Should You Read About Parenting?
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In modern pedagogy, there are many approaches to raising a child. Books by popular domestic and foreign experts can be found in any bookstore. The most valuable of them are the works of M. Montessori and R. Steiner.

What books should you read about parenting?
What books should you read about parenting?

Maria Montessori's early development method

Montessori pedagogy has become very popular in the modern education system. Many childcare centers and advanced daycare centers implement the basic principles of a toddler development environment. The fundamental principle of this approach is that the child develops independently, without direct intervention and imposition of stereotypes.

It all starts with the creation of a children's room, in which all the furniture and all the toys are in full reach for the young explorer.

2013 marked the 100th anniversary of the first Montessori kindergarten.

Any object that attracts his attention, he should easily get and use as he wants. The kid himself can choose a place for games, he can rearrange the table and chair himself.

Toys according to the Montessori system are created from improvised means and are easy to use. One should not protect the crumb from fragile objects, he needs to learn how to handle them and feel responsible for their safety. The book also provides tips for parents on how to promote the child's self-development. For example, in order to develop a self-sufficient personality, it is necessary to give the child the opportunity to express himself, to make decisions on his own. Parents act only as assistants and curators of this process.

Principles of Waldorf Pedagogy by Rudolf Steiner

This book consists of lectures covering the main issues of child development. Firstly, respect for the personality of the child and the education of the soul becomes the main goal.

The principles of Waldorf pedagogy are often used in the work of home kindergartens.

There is no reason to stay ahead of a child's development, each child has its own time to develop a particular skill or skill. According to Waldorf pedagogy, the baby should be taught to write, and only then to read, in addition, the toys should be primitive, and the child can modify them himself, showing imagination.

In addition, in the book you can find out that the founder of Waldorf pedagogy, Rudolf Steiner, denied the mass character of education and the presence of textbooks. The book clearly presents examples of constructing classes with children, revealing the age potential of children. For example, in the sixth grade, when children form an idea of ​​justice and statehood, they go through the history of the Roman Empire, and in the seventh grade, at the beginning of puberty, they pass through the Middle Ages, with its pronounced masculinity and femininity.

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