How To Dilute Formula Milk

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How To Dilute Formula Milk
How To Dilute Formula Milk

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Many mothers do not have the opportunity to breastfeed their babies, but now formula milk can always come to the rescue, replacing breastfeeding. Talk to your pediatrician for advice on the best formula for you.

How to dilute formula milk
How to dilute formula milk


Step 1

In the first months of life, the baby needs careful care, special attention should be paid to proper feeding, otherwise very unpleasant consequences are possible. The preparation of the mixture should be carefully understood before proceeding with the feeding process itself. Make only fresh mixture, never leave breakfast mixture for lunch.

Step 2

Be sure to look at the expiration date when purchasing baby food. Before cooking, be sure to boil the bottles and silicone nipples so that the infection does not enter the child's body. Be sure to wash your hands.

Step 3

Remember that it is very important to observe the consistency of the mixture; you cannot add more powder to the water than is necessary, in this case you will not satisfy the child's hunger. But you can't make the mixture too thick, then the baby will suffer from thirst and may even get sick.

Step 4

Follow the technology for preparing infant formula and very soon you will be preparing it quickly and correctly.

Step 5

First, fill the kettle with clean water. Boil and cool the water slightly. See the required water temperature on the mix package. Check how much water is required to prepare one serving and how much dry mix is ​​needed.

Step 6

Fill the bottle with the required amount of water, look at the measure, which is, as a rule, on the side of any baby bottle, and then you will not be mistaken with the amount of liquid. Using a special measuring spoon, add the required amount of the mixture to the bottle, only it will help to correctly measure the amount of powder. Do not scoop up a heaping spoon, this will create the wrong consistency of the mixture. Remember that it is not worth putting the mixture "by eye", the exact number of measuring spoons is usually indicated on the jar, depending on the weight and age of the child.

Step 7

After preparing the mixture, shake the bottle, make sure that the mixture is well dissolved. Before feeding, try the temperature of the fluid on your wrist, it should be close to your body temperature. Cool the mixture if necessary.

Step 8

Do not store the prepared mixture until next use, as it is not sterile and can be a good breeding ground for bacteria. If at first you doubt that you will cope well with preparing the mixture, you can buy ready-made prepackaged milk food in specialized stores, it is usually designed for one feeding.

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