How To Get Rid Of A Child's Hiccups

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How To Get Rid Of A Child's Hiccups
How To Get Rid Of A Child's Hiccups

Video: How To Get Rid Of A Child's Hiccups

Video: How To Get Rid Of A Child's Hiccups
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Babies suffer from hiccups much more often than adults. In fact, hiccups are an absolutely normal and painless phenomenon typical of childhood. And the attacks of hiccups will stop pestering the child as soon as he finally develops the respiratory and digestive systems. In addition, there are several ways to help you get rid of your baby's hiccups.

How to get rid of a child's hiccups
How to get rid of a child's hiccups


Step 1

Lift your baby upright. Keep it in a "column" until it bursts out. Then give me a drink.

Step 2

You can tickle your child slightly, he will be distracted, and the diaphragm will relax. As a result, the hiccups will pass.

Step 3

Give your baby some cool water from a bottle, or better, from a teaspoon in small portions.

Step 4

Give the baby a breast (many babies stop hiccuping as soon as they begin to actively suckle).

Step 5

Wrap up the baby, put on a hat, hug him, in a word, warm him up.

Step 6

Lay the baby on his tummy and gently, caressing movements, stroke him on the back.

Step 7

For an older child, ice cream will help. Have him eat it in small portions from the tip of a spoon.

Step 8

Ask the child to cover his ears with his hands and give him cool water, at least a few sips.

Step 9

Invite your baby to play a game - let him inhale quickly and deeply, and then exhale slowly. This must be done at least 7-8 times. This method is especially effective when the hiccups are caused by excitement or fear.

Step 10

Ask your child to take five deep breaths, and then have them hold their breath for 15-20 seconds. On the one hand, this exercise is aimed at relaxing the diaphragm, and on the other, to distract the child from the hiccups on which he is focused.

Step 11

Let the baby clasp his hands over his head "in a lock" and stretch with his whole body, without lifting his heels off the floor.

Step 12

Tilt your child forward about 90 degrees. Help bring your hands behind your back under the shoulder blades so that they are parallel to the shoulders. Let his head be thrown up. Then take a glass of some lukewarm water and give the child a drink while they are still in this position. It will be difficult for him to swallow water, but he only needs to take 3-4 small sips.

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