How To Make Your Man Jealous Of You

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How To Make Your Man Jealous Of You
How To Make Your Man Jealous Of You

Video: How To Make Your Man Jealous Of You

Video: How To Make Your Man Jealous Of You
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Women like it when their beloved men are jealous of them. The reasons for this can be very different: someone wants to add a breath of fresh air to the relationship, and someone just wants to stir up the partner and draw his attention to himself.

How to make your man jealous of you
How to make your man jealous of you


Step 1

Walk with your friends more often. So often that a man pays attention to it. For example, every night after work. You can turn off your phone while walking - let your beloved worry if he decides to call you.

Step 2

Spend a lot of time in front of the mirror. Spread all the cosmetic wealth around you and choose your makeup carefully. A man will definitely think about who you are trying so hard for.

Step 3

Give your loved one less time than before. Try to pay attention to everyone and everything, excluding your partner. He will probably feel that something is wrong, and think about the reasons for this behavior.

Step 4

Depict inattention. For example, if a loved one asks you something, say that you did not hear what they said. This, of course, will make a man angry, but he will definitely have a reason to think.

Step 5

Chat with other guys online. Moreover, the more such interlocutors you have, the stronger the feeling of jealousy your partner has. Register on all kinds of dating sites, forums and chat rooms. A man will not even like the fact that he is not the only one with whom you communicate.

Step 6

Flirt. Nothing drives a guy crazy like his girlfriend's flirting with other members of the stronger sex. Men are by nature owners. Therefore, in the presence of competition, the guy will start actively courting, even if he did not spoil you with attention before.

Step 7

Say nice things about someone you know, talk about his merits and achievements. It is unlikely that a man will calmly react to this.

Step 8

Support his friends. Even if you have a serious relationship with your partner, there is nothing wrong with taking the side of his friend in an argument. This will make the guy jealous and a little nervous.

Step 9

Give him a reason to be nervous. A little mystery will create sparks of jealousy in the head of your beloved. For example, you can answer his calls every other time. Call him back after a while and tell him you were busy. Ignoring his calls will make the man wonder who you are with and what you are doing. Likewise, if a guy asks you to go somewhere, tell him you have other plans, even if you really don't.