How To Deal With Your Ex

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How To Deal With Your Ex
How To Deal With Your Ex

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Sometimes fate brings unexpected surprises. It so happens that some girls are forced to communicate with their ex-boyfriends, even after a long time after breaking up. For example, if they work in the same organization, they have a common circle of friends, or for other reasons.

How to deal with your ex
How to deal with your ex


Step 1

If you want to get your ex-boyfriend back, you need to prove to him that you are a better person and enchant him again. This is much easier than it sounds. You just need to put yourself in the right light and remind you of those pleasant moments that you spent together.

Step 2

Take care of your own appearance and behavior. If you've decided to re-engage your ex-boyfriend, surprise him. Create a new look according to his tastes. For example, if he likes smart girls, educate yourself. If he likes calm home, spend more time at home, learn to cook. And on occasion, talk about your successes. Better yet, treat him to homemade dishes.

Step 3

Remember what he didn't like about your character. Try to fix this trait in yourself. Or show it less. Do not in any way remind him of the reason why you broke up. Your communication should be calm and relaxed. Do not in any way conflict, this will further alienate him from you.

Step 4

Restore peace between you in any way. Use your feminine coquetry, all your charm. Do not forget to compliment him, a rare person will remain indifferent to those who raise his self-esteem. When the relationship between you is restored, start to casually remind of the time when you were good together. Ask him for help, for example, to fix something in the apartment. Your task is to be alone with him. Or ask him out on a date. But only if you are sure that he will not refuse.

Step 5

If you do not plan to rebuild your relationship, be emphatically cold and kind with your ex-boyfriend. If he hints that he is not averse to seeing you again, politely explain that you are not interested. Sometimes some men just chase girls they want to be with. Of course, if this is unpleasant for you, you should not allow this behavior.

Step 6

Try to avoid communication with him, do not be alone with him. You must emphasize with all your behavior that everything is over between you. But do not be rude or rude, this is also the wrong tactic of behavior. Always stay calm and balanced.

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