How To Deal With Your Ex-lover

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How To Deal With Your Ex-lover
How To Deal With Your Ex-lover

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Each person perceives a breakup in their own way: someone is relieved, but for someone it is a very big blow. And after that, everything is different: someone disappears from the field of view, others pursue a loved one, already a former spouse.

How to deal with your ex-lover
How to deal with your ex-lover


Step 1

If conversations about parting are not taken seriously by your partner, and he still continues to call you, write messages and meet you after work, while pleading, threatening, blackmailing, asking, appealing to conscience, etc., anyway try to keep control yourself and do not insult him. You will only aggravate the situation, and the former lover will continue to seek your favor.

Step 2

Persecutors are different. There are those who want not so much to renew their relationship as to prove to themselves that they can achieve everything. These people are ready to return their beloved woman at any cost. If your ex-lover is among the pathological persecutors, it is better to avoid communication with him and just walk by in case of casual meetings. Do not retreat from your positions and with all your behavior show him that there is nothing more between you and cannot be.

Step 3

If you have mutual acquaintances, avoid talking or mentioning your ex in their presence. Also, do not post provocative information on social networks. Otherwise, he will find out about your thoughts and will try to meet with you.

Step 4

There are a certain number of men who, in childhood, received less maternal love and care. Such ex-lovers follow on the heels, kneel, and even threaten suicide if the relationship fails to resume. And although you feel pity for him, do not let your weaknesses manifest: he perceives you only as a tool for reliving childhood memories. In no case do not give in to his pleas and remember that in this case the problem lies not with you, but with his personal psychological characteristics.

Step 5

Among men there is also the type of "maniacs". Such psychopathic personalities categorically do not accept rejection. You can expect anything from them. They are even capable of a criminal act. Keep at a distance with such a boyfriend, behave very carefully with him. If he threatens you, contact law enforcement for help.

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