Third Child In The Family: Pros And Cons

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Third Child In The Family: Pros And Cons
Third Child In The Family: Pros And Cons

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When the family already has two children, the question of having a third child is raised infrequently. Is it worth giving birth? As a rule, parents are tormented by doubts for a long time before making any decision.

Is it worth giving birth to a third child
Is it worth giving birth to a third child

Sociologists who solve the demographic problems of the state believe that at least three or four children should grow up in any family. This is the only way to protect the nation from extinction and ensure a good trend of population growth.

The opinion of the state does not always coincide with the opinion of the family. Parents do not care much about the demography of the country; it is more important for them to know that all family members will be financially secure, and the psychological climate of the social unit will remain favorable.

Benefits of having a third child

The third child allows their parents to stay young longer, scientists say. Indeed, with the appearance of a third baby in the family, there is no need to think about boring old age. Parents of three or more children remain energetic and strong throughout their lives.

With the birth of their third child, the older children have one more friend, companion and ally. If the age difference is large enough, the first children learn responsibility, this is a very important quality. If the children are close in age, the third child drives away boredom from daily games, since three toddlers are already a company. This is especially true for those children who do not go to kindergarten.

The third child is an opportunity to give love to another loved one. For wise parents, the fifth family member is not a hindrance, but a joy.

Disadvantages of having a third child

The third baby in the family is the appearance of a new line of expenses, as a rule, considerable. Not every modern family will pull the burden on the financial sector. Of course, the state provides some kind of assistance to families with many children. But in most cases this help is like a drop in the ocean, it is not enough for a full life.

Three children are much more difficult to cope with than one or two. Especially if the age difference is small. You need to have angelic patience and incredible resilience to manage three babies from day to day. Many mothers with many children, on this basis, earn themselves a nervous strain, which again affects the children.

The third child, one way or another, takes the maximum of parental love, which is immediately felt by older children. Jealousy, enmity and open hatred arise. Psychologists say that children need love, regardless of age, and with the advent of the third baby, the amount of parental attention to older children is greatly reduced. The psychological atmosphere in the family deteriorates.

Should I have a third child?

If the living conditions of the family and its financial situation are at a decent level, if the physical and psychological health of the parents is normal, it is possible and even necessary to give birth to a third child. When both partners are full of love and are ready to share it with another family member, without harming the other children and each other, the question of having a third child already has a positive answer.

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