How To Make A Romantic Evening Unforgettable

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How To Make A Romantic Evening Unforgettable
How To Make A Romantic Evening Unforgettable

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So, you will have a date. And there is every reason to believe it is romantic, to hope for the appearance of feelings and relationships. Or their revival, which is also good. You can make an impression on a girl in many ways, you just need to give free rein to imagination.

How to make a romantic evening unforgettable
How to make a romantic evening unforgettable


Step 1

If you are lovers of thrills, jump from the bungee with a pair - such action-packed entertainment is now available not only in large cities. If the date takes place in the warm season, then the combination of a jump from a 20-30 meter height with a partial immersion in water will definitely provide unforgettable experience. To fly towards the water surface, plunge headlong and immediately jump out, like a champagne cork - adrenaline will seethe in your veins and these sensations will not be forgotten.

Step 2

Have dinner either in an unusual place, with unfamiliar dishes, or both. You have probably heard words like "foie gras" or "paella" more than once - so dare to finally try it. The cuisine of other nations of the world can be not only unusual, but also very tasty.

Step 3

Organize a much more budget-friendly but equally memorable dinner on the Ferris wheel, or on the last tram to the park. Agreeing with the staff for a reasonable fee, most likely, will not present any special problems, but such a date can be remembered for a lifetime.

Step 4

Amaze with your appearance and non-standard behavior. You don't have to wear a Mickey Mouse costume or a Playboy bunny to do this; such experiments are more appropriate at private parties. But even in a crowded city, you can amaze your chosen one by taking a knight's spur out of your pocket, kneeling down in the middle of a street or square, and say with pathos: “Make me a knight, my queen! Your Lancelot swears to be faithful and to value the honor of his lady above her own life! " This is not forgotten.

Step 5

Prepare for joyful surprises in advance, taking into account the addictions of your “half”. All the means from the arsenal of wedding surprises are also good on a romantic date: the same snow-white doves, or a cloud of balloons, or romantic music suddenly bursting out of the bushes over the paths of the old park. And they impress with their unexpectedness.

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