How To Fall In Love With A Guy On A First Date

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How To Fall In Love With A Guy On A First Date
How To Fall In Love With A Guy On A First Date

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From time immemorial, the fair sex has sought to tie a man to themselves. Some win over with stunning beauty and impeccable manners, others fall in love with their ability to cook, and someone is trying to completely bewitch a potential groom. You don't have to be a psychologist to get a man interested in clever, thoughtful, but tactful female tricks already on the first date.

How to fall in love with a guy on a first date
How to fall in love with a guy on a first date


Step 1

Show up for the first date in all its glory, bright, in a beautiful dress, in new shoes and with a charming smile on your face. Subconsciously, a man selects for himself such a life companion, whom he could be proud of, admire. Being beautiful doesn't mean looking like a star from a glossy cover. You should be well-groomed, tidy, clothes ironed, stockings without arrows, nails with manicure, hair clean, beautifully styled or completely loose at its full length. Even a modest sundress can fit flawlessly if you pair it with an elegant neckerchief and a fashionable handbag.

Step 2

Just like you, the man on the first date will try his best to make a positive impression on you. He will joke, tell stories from life, share his dreams and talk about everything in the world. Whatever he informs you, visit him carefully and with sincere interest, ask clarifying questions, admire his stories. When he sees his importance in your eyes, consider that half the battle is done. It is always pleasant to receive praise and attention.

Step 3

It is not enough for a man to delightfully look into a man's mouth. Become an interesting interlocutor for him, with whom it is easy and free to communicate, with whom you can joke and from whom you will not expect barbs, sarcasm and criticism. Leave coldness, mockery, arrogance and pickiness for other situations. Let your chosen one evaluate you as a good friend from the first meeting.

Step 4

Do not deny a man nice little things. This means that on the first date, he will probably want to treat you to dinner at a restaurant and pay the bill on his own, buy tickets to a movie or an amusement park. Let him become your protector if necessary - the stronger sex needs to feel indestructible and omnipotent.

Step 5

When the first date comes to an end, show restraint and modesty. Let the chosen one give you a lift in the car, escort you to the entrance or even to the door, but do not invite him home, and you should not ask him for now. The maximum that can be allowed is a kiss. He will finish the rest in his imagination, and your image will be recorded in his dreams for a long time.

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