How To Kiss Correctly

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How To Kiss Correctly
How To Kiss Correctly

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A kiss is one of the most natural and familiar things in life. Almost from the first birthday, a person learns what a kiss from loving parents is, learns to give it in return, with its help he shows warm feelings for pets, toys, without thinking about how to kiss correctly. But then comes the period of puberty, and the kiss becomes something intimate, personal, belonging only to two.

How to kiss correctly
How to kiss correctly


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A lot of people don't need any instructions or rules at all. The most important thing is that what is happening brings pleasant sensations to both partners, and the technique of performing movements with lips, teeth or tongue does not matter. It's so natural to follow your intuition and natural reflexes.

Step 2

However, there are certain conditions that must be adhered to. General grooming and proper oral hygiene play an important role. Agree that kissing a person, scratching on his flaky lips or three days of stubble, is a dubious pleasure. And bad breath will make you think of only one thing: how to refuse a kiss without hurting the tender feelings of your partner.

Step 3

You should be comfortable with the person with whom you are going to exchange a long and passionate kiss. Nervousness and tension make muscles tense, lips become stiff and inactive. Try to walk without bending your knees. A kiss with tight lips is somewhat reminiscent of this not entirely natural process.

Step 4

Know how to feel your partner. Reacting too sluggishly to his attempts to make the kiss unearthly will likely upset him. Excessive activity will make you suspect that you want to eat it. If the calm tenderness of a kiss is no longer enough for you, try changing the pace, but do not forget that you are not the only participant. If your partner does not respond to your manifestations of passion, return to the original rhythm.

Step 5

Control the process of salivation. Swallow excess fluid, there is no need to irrigate your partner's face with it. Between the "approaches" you can always find a moment suitable for the body's natural reflexes. And most importantly, stop already thinking about how to kiss correctly, otherwise you will ruin all your pleasure.

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