How To Know If A Man Needs You

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How To Know If A Man Needs You
How To Know If A Man Needs You

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Sometimes male sympathy is not entirely obvious. Some representatives of the stronger sex express their feelings implicitly, and women can only guess about their true intentions. How do you recognize the right signs of attention?

How to know if a man needs you
How to know if a man needs you


Step 1

Take a closer look at the man. He may have tried more than once to reveal his feelings to you, but you did not take him seriously. If one day you turned down an invitation to a cafe, forgot to call him back, or chose to spend the weekend with a friend, he could simply give up all attempts to get your attention. But this does not mean that he does not need you.

Step 2

An important sign of his great interest is genuine attention to everything that happens to you. It is important for him not only how you look, but also what you think about and how you feel. He may not notice that you have a new purse, but he is genuinely concerned about your cold or just a bad mood.

Step 3

He cares who you spend your time with, and he gets nervous when he finds out that there are many single men among your friends. Sometimes these emotions appear implicitly, but they are quite obvious. Alas, if a man does not show the slightest sign of jealousy, you can hardly expect him to take decisive steps to get closer to you.

Step 4

He doesn't give flowers, doesn't invite you on a trip, doesn't he introduce you to his friends? Don't jump to conclusions. Didn't he offer you help at the dacha, didn’t give you a lift late at night, didn’t cover you in front of the authorities, finally? Not all men are romantics. Sometimes their sympathy is a willingness to help. To start with the housework.

Step 5

Remember, if you are dear to a man, he will never allow himself to offend you. Not in word, not in deed. If in a relationship you do not feel loved, you understand that you are tired of playing the first violin, think about whether this man is worth your attention.

Step 6

Women often try to justify male coldness by the fact that the stronger sex is not at all inclined to a vivid manifestation of feelings. This is true, but real interest is impossible, and there is no need to hide it. You will definitely find out about her. Wait a little and let the man take the first step, and soon you will understand whether you should go through life together.

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