What A Teenage Girl Needs To Know

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What A Teenage Girl Needs To Know
What A Teenage Girl Needs To Know

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The teenage period is very important in a girl's life, so parents need to know what information should be presented to a teenager girl.

What a teenage girl needs to know
What a teenage girl needs to know


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Conversations about puberty and sex, with the girl should be discussed by the mother. She will be able to explain in detail all the nuances of a woman's puberty. It is easier for a girl to communicate on such topics with a person of the same sex, she will be able to ask questions of interest to her without hesitation. You need to understand that this does not end with one conversation, so be always ready to help the child, support, and give the necessary advice.

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A girl should be aware that at a certain age, changes will begin to occur in her body. This is the process when she starts to turn from a girl into a girl. The first thing the girl's mother should tell about is the onset of menstruation. If the period catches the girl by surprise, she will not understand what is happening to her body, it may seem to her that she is sick, this can greatly frighten the teenager. Girls are often afraid to tell their parents what happened and feel alone. Therefore, it is necessary to talk about menstruation in advance, then the child will experience the joy of the onset of growing up.

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The girl needs to clearly tell what menstruation is, what sensations they can accompany. Explain how the menstrual cycle works and how to keep track of delays and periods that are too long. The onset of menstruation means that a girl can already become pregnant, so it is worth touching on the topic of sex life, means of protection.

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After a leap in height, girls tend to gain weight. With this, inferiority complexes begin, attempts to sit on rigid diets that are harmful to the growing body. Explain to your child that such diets are contraindicated until the body is fully formed, he must receive all the necessary nutrients on time. It is better to establish a healthy diet, exclude sweets and soda, chips and so on from the diet. Offer the girl to play sports of her choice, physical activity will not only start the fight against excess weight, it will also improve well-being, help to distract from all sorts of problems and experiences that are saturated with the life of a teenager.

Step 5

It is necessary to pay attention to skin problems that often occur during puberty. Visit a beautician, let the girl pick up an individual complex for skin care.

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