How To Understand That He Is Your Destiny

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How To Understand That He Is Your Destiny
How To Understand That He Is Your Destiny

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People meet, people fall in love, people … don't always get married. Because you want to connect your life with someone who is predetermined by fate itself, and not with someone who is a casual passer-by in it. But how not to be mistaken in a worthy choice of your soul mate? Is it possible that a former classmate with whom you sat at the same desk for all ten grades and met by chance a few years after graduation is your destiny? Or maybe you should take a closer look at a colleague who has already invited you to dinner several times?

How to understand that he is your destiny
How to understand that he is your destiny


Step 1

Pay attention to the appearance of the applicant for the role of your betrothed. A man is not at all obliged to dress in the latest fashion, but his appearance should be harmonious and pleasant to you.

Step 2

Follow his manners: it is not at all necessary to demand knowledge of royal etiquette from a man, but his elementary politeness in conversation, the ability to open a door in front of a woman and give her a hand, helping her down the stairs, is a good sign.

Step 3

Rate his desire and ability to take care of you. If a person on the first call with a request for help postpones all affairs and, wherever he is, rushes to you, then this allows us to make the assumption that next to him you will always feel protected.

Step 4

Take a closer look at how he behaves with children. It is significant whether he shuns babies like leprosy, whether he tries to avoid contact with them as much as possible, even if the house where you are invited is full of children. Or he calmly refers to the children's fuss around, observes the children with interest and may even join in their game. The second option, of course, is more preferable for the person with whom you are going to build your future family.

Step 5

Hear how he talks about his mother. If he calmly and respectfully speaks about her, without expressing to you once again his enthusiasm about some of her skills and achievements, for example, in cooking or handicraft, raising children or at work, then before you is a mature adult without complexes, in fact, he, who is needed. But if a man every now and then, for any reason, likes to insert: "But my mother …" with a list of all her accompanying merits, then run away from him without looking back, because you will never take a place in his life more important than his parent …

Step 6

Evaluate his ability to provide you with normal living conditions. We are not talking about huge bank accounts, but about the ability and, most importantly, the desire of a man to work for the good of his family.

Step 7

Listen to your heart now. After all, even if according to all of the above indicators a man can claim your hand, but his heart is silent, then you should not make hasty decisions …

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