How To Teach A Child To Say "mom"

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How To Teach A Child To Say "mom"
How To Teach A Child To Say "mom"

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Language psychologists - psycholinguists - explain that adults play a very important role in developing the language skills of their children. A child does not just imitate adults and receive rewards for correctly spoken words. The fact is that the baby, thanks to his parents, acquires speech skills long before he can utter the first word.

How to teach a child to speak
How to teach a child to speak


Step 1

As a rule, the first word of a child is not “mother” (only about 40% of children say it first), but “give” (this is the first word for 60% of children). These first words are preceded by months of joint work between the child and his parents. Constant communication is the basis through which children begin to speak. Note that with talkative parents, children start to talk faster. Don't miss the opportunity to talk to your child as often as possible. For example, if your baby is awake while walking, tell him everything you see and think.

Step 2

While playing games with your baby, clearly pronounce the word "mom" and pronounce it on an emotional upsurge. For example, use the word "mom" when asking the child "Where is mom?" and hiding behind the palms. Rejoice, praise, and clap when the child gives the correct answer. Toddlers are very fond of praise. Moreover? it stimulates their further development.

Step 3

According to psychological research, children over four months of age prefer the so-called parental type of speech. Usually, parents begin to speak in a special way when the baby has learned to speak the first words. Then mom and dad, addressing the baby, speak in short phrases, stretch vowels, raise their tone of voice. By doing this, they are trying to help the child to master the language further. But until the child has said his first word, they talk to him like an adult. And in vain. Kids are more satisfied with the parental type of speech. Thanks to him, the first word "mom" (or "give") will be able to pronounce faster.

Step 4

You can stimulate the development of speech with the help of finger gymnastics and games for the development of motor skills. Also, a positive dynamic is exerted on the development of the speech of babies by various methods for the development of speech, for example, "We speak from the cradle", etc. The activities-games will contribute to the development of the child's speech in general, and in particular, they will bring closer the time when the child says the word " mum".

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