How To Teach A Teenager To Say "no"

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How To Teach A Teenager To Say "no"
How To Teach A Teenager To Say "no"

Video: How To Teach A Teenager To Say "no"

Video: How To Teach A Teenager To Say "no"
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Parents think that a bad suggestion might come from a "suspicious uncle" or a bad boy. But the whole point is that your child can receive such offers from their best friends. Many parents are sure that their child, surrounded by temptations, will be able to firmly and clearly say “No to alcohol! No Drugs! No smoking! " However, in practice, everything is not so rosy. How to teach a child to refuse?

How to teach a teenager to say "no"
How to teach a teenager to say "no"


Step 1

Teach your child to think about himself

Children do not recognize themselves as individuals, but as part of a group. Explain to your child that being independent can get rid of a lot of trouble.

Step 2

Teach your child to weigh the pros and cons

The child is bombarded with a variety of offers every day. To answer them yes or no, teach him to weigh the pros and cons. For example, what good and bad will he get if he gives to write off?

Step 3

Teach your child to blame adults

This is not bad advice. Think: For a child who can say, “No, I can't because my parents will punish me,” it is much easier to refuse. Explain to your child that sometimes this can be said if they are trying to persuade him to do something dangerous or illegal.

Step 4

Teach your child to give up with humor

If the child refuses with fear or embarrassment, he will cause general irritation and contempt. But if he can turn rejection into a joke, he will remain the king of the situation.

Step 5

Teach your child to speak for themselves

It is much easier for a confident child to express his opinion and not to be influenced, so give him as many different opportunities as possible so that he can show himself and say something on his own behalf. For example, he can order tea for himself in a cafe.

Step 6

Teach your child to use body language

If the child does not hide his eyes and keep his head high, any of his answers will look very important and authoritative. Try to draw his attention to the behavior and gestures of confident people.

Step 7

Teach you to repeat the word "no"

If the child refuses, and the offer is repeated to him again, he has every right to say "No" many times. The more and longer he can refuse, the sooner he will be left behind with bad offers.