How To Identify A Missed Pregnancy

How To Identify A Missed Pregnancy
How To Identify A Missed Pregnancy

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The onset of pregnancy is a happy event in the life of most women. However, the expectation of a long-awaited baby can be overshadowed by such a terrible diagnosis as a frozen pregnancy.

How to identify a missed pregnancy
How to identify a missed pregnancy

The reasons for a frozen pregnancy can be genetic abnormalities, the presence of infectious diseases in the mother, bad habits, severe stress and much more.

Timely diagnosis of the fading of the development of pregnancy is very important for the health of a woman and her future children. But, unfortunately, it is almost impossible to determine a frozen pregnancy without an ultrasound examination.

When fetal development stops, a woman may not feel any changes in her condition. But in the future, with the detachment of the ovum, such a malformation of the embryo can make itself felt with cramping pains and bloody discharge from light pink to scarlet.

A sharp cessation of toxicosis can be one of the possible signs of a frozen pregnancy, as well as a decrease in basal body temperature, a decrease in pain in the mammary glands. At a later date, a frozen pregnancy is determined by the absence of baby movements.

However, it is possible to reliably find out whether the pregnancy has frozen is possible only when contacting a gynecologist, conducting an ultrasound scan, and passing an analysis for hCG.

When the fetus stops developing, the hCG level has lower rates than the average for a given gestational age, and on ultrasound, you can notice the absence of a heartbeat. The gynecologist can determine that the embryo has stopped developing by the discrepancy between the size of the uterus and the gestational age.

If you suspect a frozen pregnancy, you should see a doctor as soon as possible. The detection of one or more of the listed symptoms cannot reliably speak of fetal freezing.

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