5 Mistakes Women Make In Relationships, After Which A Man Will Leave Forever

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5 Mistakes Women Make In Relationships, After Which A Man Will Leave Forever
5 Mistakes Women Make In Relationships, After Which A Man Will Leave Forever

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Men in serious relationships are very patient. But if they are systematically "tested for strength", they can go away forever. There are few such mistakes, but it is better not to make them. Never.

The man is gone … Next time you have to behave smarter
The man is gone … Next time you have to behave smarter

The first mistake. Constantly "blame"

This is a favorite manipulation that at first works in relationships (especially if the young man is not an ace in female psychology). "Not paying enough attention." “You don’t give flowers (or you donate less than once a week)”. "I didn't buy a fur coat." "Didn't take me to a restaurant." "Didn't take me to the Maldives." "You earn little." "You earn a lot, but what's the point, I hardly see you" … - the list is endless.

It's a paradox, but this list, as a rule, is presented to good men who really try for their chosen one, worry about relationships, about family, but simply cannot satisfy unrealistic and ever-increasing demands.

If there are children in a couple, then the father of the family may begin to be accused with a vengeance, because a woman sitting on maternity leave needs attention, a change of scenery, and rest. But only not 100% due to the forces of her husband.

It is even worse if a friend (colleague or neighbor) has a companion that supposedly corresponds to the idea of ​​an ideal.

At first, a man tries to change, thinks: “Maybe it’s true, something is wrong with me,” then he starts to get angry (this is a natural defensive reaction of any person), and then … He will either endure, gritting his teeth (because everyone lives like this, because the family, children), periodically breaking down. Or - alas - it will go away forever.

Do not come to me. I'm offended

The second mistake. Show that I decided everything for him

From the textbook "We will get married" to "Next year we will go on vacation to my mother, because I said so, and without objection."

No wonder they say: that an intelligent woman is the head of the family, but the husband does not know about it. It is important for a man to feel that he and only he is the captain of the ship (in a relationship and even more so in a family). It was he who chose the girl at first just for friendship, flirting, then he began to consider her candidacy for a serious relationship, and no one, except him, decided that the girl was suitable for him for life.

And he doesn't have to remember the statement “A man chases after a girl until she catches him”.

If you behave too persistently, a gentleman (and even a ready-made husband) can be turned away from yourself irrevocably.

Error three. Forcing to save yourself from everything in the world

There is a kind of women who are supposedly very weak, naive and helpless. Without a strong man's hands, they will be lost forever. In fact, of course, they will outlive us all, but no one knows about it.

At first, this "Cinderella" nature is very flattering. Any man, even the most shabby and unrepresentative of himself, feels like a hero. He comes from the other end of the city to accompany the weak lady from the store to the entrance, and he himself is late for the last train. Writes for a very, very intelligent girl term papers and diploma theses. He fixes her technique, in which she does not understand anything. Buys new phone models (old ones break down, get lost, steal). Get him to work. Contains, if for some reason she cannot work, or rather, does not want to. Buys apartments, cars for his wife and her numerous relatives.

From such girls, wives who are always ill and are about to die, "grow" if the husband still gets to his mistress. Often, such unions last until death do them part. But if a man rebelles, realizes that he is tired of life with some inferior, weak being, it will be impossible to bring him back.

Weakness in a woman is very good. But it must also be dosed.

The fourth mistake. Strive to quickly and quickly re-educate a man in sex

Experiments in bed between two loving people are very good.

Not all men are conservatives.But if we are not talking about sex for one night, it is unlikely that on the first intimate date a man will be pleased with the prospect of being in the role of a BDSM slave, or he will be delighted to look for a suitable swinger couple.

You still need to gradually accustom your partner to yourself and your fantasies. And understand that every person has a taboo. Some taboos do not cross.

But to scare the pressure so that the man escapes forever is easier.

After good sex, don't scare the man away!

Error five. Pathologically jealous

When you are jealous, it is very pleasant. Especially if a not-so-outstanding man is jealous of a delightfully beautiful girl. And the well-written beauties are accustomed to the battle for themselves on the part of the ladies, as to something commonplace. But … everything is good in moderation.

  • If you get into his phone every 5 minutes. “Who is this Katya? I don’t believe that I’m just a colleague! You talked to her for 2, 5 minutes. "
  • When "rummaging" in private correspondence secretly (believe me, sooner or later it will be noticed) and select passwords for mail and instant messengers.
  • If you constantly try to follow.
  • Checking clothes.
  • And especially - you constantly arrange groundless scenes: "I saw that you looked at that girl with one eye, dog!"

It gets boring very quickly. And the man prefers to leave and not return.

What kind of Nikolai Petrovich is there in contacts?

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