How To Be Interesting To People

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How To Be Interesting To People
How To Be Interesting To People

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Ease of communication is not always an innate quality. Some people acquire it over the years. You don't always need to be in the spotlight, but learning to find the right words, being able to convey your thought to other people in a form that is understandable and interesting for them, and even on the first try, is always important. In order not to make your mistakes and quickly learn to be interesting to other people, you can follow some tips.

always listen carefully to the interlocutor and look into his eyes
always listen carefully to the interlocutor and look into his eyes


Step 1

The first thing to do is practice your speech. Even if you know all the encyclopedias by heart, but at the same time cannot convey this information in an understandable form, then all your knowledge is not worth a dime in communication. They tried to teach you this at school in the lessons of literature, rhetoric and the Russian language. If you were not able to acquire this skill in school, try the following exercise.

Step 2

Take a book or newspaper, read a large section of an article or chapter. Then, clearly and loudly articulate the main idea of ​​what you read. You need to do this every day and not once. When it’s easy, start competing with yourself for time to think. When it will take no more than 3 seconds, you have achieved a result and got a new skill. Why do you need this? Imagine that during a conversation you have a good idea, and you can show off your wit, but while you think about how to express this thought, a good moment will pass. Having learned to formulate a thought, to squeeze the very juice out of it, you will always be relevant and interesting in a conversation.

Step 3

It is known that people do not like criticism very much, therefore, if you want people to be always interested with you, you do not need to immediately pour out your negative assessment on them. Instead of talking about what you do not like, it is better to talk about what you love.

Step 4

During a conversation, talk more not about yourself, but about your interlocutor. Make eye contact. Call him by name, because there is no sound sweeter than the sound of your name. Listening carefully and asking questions during the conversation. If the narrator sees that you are interested in knowing what he has to say, then his interest will be focused on you.

Step 5

When you learn to master your language and attention, then the wealth of your inner world will be important. The more versatile your interests, the more hobbies you have, the more interesting the people with you will be.

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