How To Punish A Girl For Treason

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How To Punish A Girl For Treason
How To Punish A Girl For Treason

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Girls are not always faithful to their soulmates. If you find out that your beloved has betrayed you, you can come up with some punishment for her to discourage cheating.

How to punish a girl for treason
How to punish a girl for treason


Step 1

If you find out that your significant other has cheated on you, you should not immediately rush to her and make a grandiose scandal. Think about whether you want to build and maintain a relationship with your significant other, or if you can't forgive her. If you realize that you still love her and do not want to lose, it is better to refuse revenge, since after that your relationship will become even worse. If you no longer have feelings for the traitor, and you are determined to take revenge on her, wait until your anger cools down, because revenge is such a dish that is best served cold.

Step 2

The first thing you can think of as revenge is to inform the girl that you know about her betrayal, but this does not cause you absolutely any emotions and feelings, since you did not feel love for this lady, but just spent time with her, because it is so accessible and, it seems, not so unattractive. Most likely, after these words of yours, she will begin to tell you that she does not need you either, that she just used you, and her lover is much better than you in everything. React to the splash of her negativity with a smile on your face, believe me, this will deeply affect her feelings.

Step 3

The second way is as follows. You can tell the girl that you forgive her, that your relationship remains the same, but after a while, try to seduce her closest friend. For a girl who once betrayed you, it will be very painful and offensive, because at one time she only hurt you, and she was hurt not only by her beloved young man, but also by her closest friend. From now on, the cheater will have to look for herself and a new guy and a new girlfriend.

Step 4

Another way of revenge is as follows. You can tell the fairer sex that you have recently visited a venereologist, and the results, unfortunately, were disappointing. You got sick with something, and since you have never cheated on your soul mate, it means that it was she who became the carrier of the infection. Of course, your lies will come out in the near future, but imagine what an unfaithful girl will feel when she goes around local hospitals and awaits test results. In addition, it is possible that during such visits, she will meet at the hospital one of her acquaintances, who will then gladly tell everyone around that they saw this girl as an intimate doctor. After that, she is unlikely to be able to escape the disgusting sense of shame and shame.

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