What Temperature Should An Infant Have

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What Temperature Should An Infant Have
What Temperature Should An Infant Have

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Parents are always worried about the health of their child. By measuring the temperature, you can draw erroneous conclusions, because few people know that in children under one year old, the optimal temperature differs from the norm for adults.

What temperature should an infant have
What temperature should an infant have

Methods for measuring temperature in babies

To measure the temperature of a baby, it is best to use an electronic thermometer.

There are three ways to measure temperature in children: in the armpit, rectally and orally.

Using the first method, it is necessary to firmly hold the baby's hand with your hand to avoid injury and false thermometer readings.

Measuring the temperature rectally, you should treat the child's anus with baby oil to avoid mechanical damage.

Oral temperature measurement will require much more attention. It is necessary to hold the thermometer in the child's mouth for one minute, but so that the mouth is closed.

What temperature is considered normal for a child

An increased temperature in a baby is a signal to parents that something is wrong with the baby's body. But in order to determine how sick a child is, you need to know the temperature, which is normal for his age.

In the first week of a baby's life, the normal body temperature is 37–37.4 ° C. During this period, the child's body adapts to the new environment.

From the second week of life, the child's body temperature is set at 36, 2–37 ° C. Each child has an individual body temperature. This is due to how quickly the body adapts.

In a month-old child, this indicator ranges from 36, 3 ° C to 37, 2 ° C. It is this temperature that is optimal for the further development of the body.

Parents need to know that in the first year of life, the baby's body temperature varies from 37.4 ° C to the usual indicator of 36.6 ° C.

Causes of increased temperature

First of all, an elevated temperature is an indicator that an infection has entered the body. The body begins to fight, produces antibodies, as a result of which the temperature rises.

Also, one of the reasons for the increase in temperature is teething in an infant.

It is also necessary to monitor how warmly the child is dressed. After all, if he overheats, his temperature may also rise.

What to do when the temperature rises

First of all, you need to see a doctor. If this is not possible, then you should go to the pharmacy and purchase special candles to lower the temperature. They are the most effective remedy.

From the moment a rise in temperature is detected, it is necessary to constantly give the child warm water.

Low temperature reasons

The child becomes passive, he has cold sweats - such symptoms signal a decrease in the child's body temperature.

The reason for this may be a weakening of the immune system. It becomes difficult for the body to resist the effects of the environment.

What to do when the temperature drops

At low temperatures, you should consult a doctor. You should not do anything on your own to avoid a possible temperature rise above normal.

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