What To Write To The Guy You Like

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What To Write To The Guy You Like
What To Write To The Guy You Like

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Communication in the 21st century has reached a new level. If before the only way of correspondence was paper and pen, now mobile phones and the Internet are used. This makes it possible to meet a guy virtually, on a social network or on a dating site. If you are lucky enough to find someone on the Internet you would like to get to know better, you do not have to expect that he himself will pay attention to you. Better to take the initiative and write to him first.

What to write to the guy you like
What to write to the guy you like

Successful correspondence with a guy

Start your correspondence with a well-posed question. A well-chosen question is the key to a successful start. This will show the guy that you are interested in him. Unlike a long love letter, the question is laconic and simple. This is what many men love.

A good question should be:

a) simple, without philosophical meaning;

b) open, requiring a detailed answer (for example, not “What time will you be at home?”, but “What are you going to do when you come home?”);

c) direct.

Guys often value clear-cut questions without any hints. Besides, not everyone is able to understand hints.

Be original and interesting. To do this, try to make him laugh by showing wit. In response to a joke, in any case, do not write the standard "ahahaha". Try to parry back. Alternatively, you can start a conversation with a funny observation or interesting news. Show him how you feel about life, how you have fun on your weekend, and what hobbies you have. Find out what your common interests are. Be positive and mischievous. Otherwise, the dialogue can turn out to be boring and insipid.

Be flirty. Flirting is one of the main manifestations of the fact that you are not indifferent to a person. However, in this matter, it is very important not to go too far. By flirting, you can:

- tease a guy;

- use winking emoticons and double-digit hints. This way, you will subtly let him know that you want to go on a date with him.

Finish the correspondence in time. This stage is very important, because if the conversation drags on for a long time, the guy may lose interest in you. Here are the main signs to end the dialogue:

- short answers from the guy "yes", "no";

- the guy does not ask you counter questions and does not raise new topics for dialogue;

- you have a hard time coming up with a topic to continue the conversation.

At the end of the correspondence with the guy, you should leave the topic open so that you can easily return to it, or intrigue him with some exciting upcoming event. You can also write about your desire to meet or continue communication.

Mistakes that should not be made in correspondence with a guy

Don't text your guy multiple messages in a row. Wait for his answer first. Don't reply to his messages too quickly. Pause.

Don't send him a question mark and don't write "Hey, are you here?" If he doesn't answer. Never ask a question that has an obvious answer, such as "Did you get my message?" Do not continue the dialogue if he simply answers your questions dryly and does not show any interest in you.

Do not reveal all your "trump cards" and do not write to him about your strong feelings. Everything has its time, and you should talk about love in a personal conversation. Do not send him photos of an intimate nature. This is one of the dumbest but common mistakes.

Don't be afraid to write first. After all, whoever does not risk will never know the taste of victory. Believe in yourself, stay yourself and be happy!

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